Sunday, October 30, 2011


PHOENIX (AP) — Authorities say they'll announce details of what they're calling one of the biggest narcotics trafficking rings ever broken up in Arizona during a press briefing on Monday.The 17-month investigation by local, state and federal officials led to a series of raids in the Phoenix area and Pinal County on Thursday.
Officials say the drug ring is linked to Mexico's notorious Sinaloa drug cartel and smuggled millions of dollars in drugs each month through Arizona.
Thursday's raids involved the same ring as two other previous busts, including one where 17 suspected drug smugglers were arrested and 935 pounds of marijuana was seized.

Well thats what went down in our Tucson hood last week (WITH ICE AGENTS) and those large bundles they had (hmm).

Missing Baby Lisa Irwin

The Irwin's New York counsel Joe Tacopina has told police he will reschedule the interview of the two boys for sometime next week. That's when the case will mark its one-month anniversary. It's an extraordinarily late time to be finally allowing interviews of witnesses who were in the house the night the baby is said to have disappeared. 

Sounds fishy to me, you can't tell me a 5 and  8 year old boy don't know what happened in that house that night. (sounds like another casey anthony case).