Monday, June 25, 2018

woman hits child with leathal weapon (naked)

Nigerian Students Flogged Like Animals

Nigerian Woman Flogged By Her Boss For Stealing (new)

20 lashes for woman for not covering herself properly.

African woman beaten in a barbaric manner in Malaysia (no due process)


Tanzania-A young girl raped and burnt alive

Prison shower room fight

Prison fight 2018

California prison fight (NEW) flash bang

Drive thru window fight (New) ???

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Police fight 2 men in store?

Man beat after hitting woman ?

Man in the Box

Cult Of Personality

Bulls on Parade

Walmart employees fight in breakroom? 2018


Asian fight -Bamboo hut

fight in a Restaurant ( Kid call's the fight ) blow by blow?

Wendy's employee's fight? 2018

Worst Wendy's fight EVER ! 2018

Restaurant fight 2018

Hair fight!

Two Parents fight at a boarding school over their kids behavior?

Mom fights

Mother watches daughter fight ?

Chinese Cop beats woman in front of kid?

China chick fight over shoes!

Rez- brothers after fight,..

Rez fight chicks in snow! 2018

Rez fight 2018

Chick fight (hood) 2018

Chica fight with music (bathroom)

Chick fight (slot machine) 2018

How to get rid of pigeons on your rooftop.(video 1)