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Abc News ( U of A riot and Girl slammed by Arizona cop )

ABC US News | ABC Business News

Tucson AZ ( Bank robber wanted - hit Wells fargo inside of frys ) see photo

TUCSON- Tucson Police are searching for a man who robbed a Wells Fargo Bank in midtown Friday evening.

Sergeant Pete Dugan says the male entered the bank located inside the Fry's at 2480 North Swan Road just before 7 p.m. and presented the teller with note demanding money.
The suspect fled with an undisclosed amount of money.
Police say the man is in his 20s, 5-foot-9 to 6 feet tall, 150 to 160 pounds, with dark hair and brown eyes.
He was last seen wearing a University of Arizona baseball cap, red and white striped shirt, bluejeans, a grey and black backpack and gold framed glasses.
Anyone with information is asked to call 9-1-1 or 88-CRIME.

Tucson AZ ( COP " Blindsides girl " up close ) Cheap shot on student OMG ?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tucson AZ ( U Of A riot -student shot in chest with pepper balls ) video

Tucson Az ( U of A riot - Student knocked on butt by police )

IRVING ( Mother arrested for D.U.I and killing 2 sons )

IRVING — An Irving woman faces intoxication manslaughter charges after a Saturday night car crash that killed two of her children and injured two others.
Irving police said Crystal Suniga, 30, lost control of her sport utility vehicle and slammed into two parked cars across from Gilbert Elementary School in the 1500 block of East Pioneer Drive at around 8 p.m.
Angel Reyes and Ricardo Hernandez
Police spokesman James McLellan said Suniga's two sons — identified by family members as 14-year-old Angel Reyes and 10-year-old Ricardo Hernandez — were dead at the scene.
Police said two other juveniles in the vehicle — a boy and a girl — were injured. Their names and ages were not available.
Adan Osuna, his brother Jose and their 11-year-old sister Lizmar witnessed the crash. Adan said the images of one of the deceased still haunts him.
"His body was under the car. I didn't see his face... I only saw his legs," he said.
Moments earlier, Jose Osuna said he heard tires screeching and then witnessed Suniga's out-of-control SUV jump the curb, flip over, and crash in a neighbor's yard — taking out three cars and a fence along the way.
"It was very loud," Jose said. "Our whole house shook. I thought it was an earthquake or something."
Suniga suffered minor injuries and was hospitalized at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas.
McLellan said Suniga's blood alcohol level tested at 0.18, more than twice the legal limit.
She has been charged with two counts of intoxication manslaughter, two counts of injury to a child and one count of intoxication assault. No bond was set.
It was not clear when Suniga would be transferred from the hospital to jail.
Adnan, who lives down the street from Suniga, said she was trying to catch up with her boyfriend with whom she had been fighting.
Suniga's mother declined to speak on camera, but said her daughter wasn't drunk and denied that she had been fighting.
Francisco Garcia saw his sister's car damaged in the crash. He was furious about what happened.
"It pisses me off... drunk driving with kids inside! They're innocent," he said. "They didn't do nothing.

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Venezuela ( Torture victim tells story of abuse )

"They battered us while we lay stacked up like pancakes"

The nephew of a Supreme Court justice is among those denouncing torture in Carabobo state. "An officer ordered to place the motorcycles up front to shield themselves from view. That's when they ran the motorcycle over me." "Instead of an officer saying ‘you're under arrest,' I was struck in the face by the butt end of a weapon. My glasses were smashed and I went blind in the left eye"

Montana ( Bride gets 30 years in prison for killing her husband )

MISSOULA, Montana: A Montana bride who shoved her husband off a cliff at Glacier National Park has been sentenced to 30 years in prison after a federal judge denied her request to withdraw her guilty plea to a charge of second-degree murder.
Attorneys for Jordan Graham, 22, had sought to rescind a guilty plea she entered in December, saying prosecutors were overreaching by seeking a life sentence and reneging on an agreement that they expected would involve less prison time.
But US District Judge Donald Molloy denied the request at a hearing in Missoula, and later sentenced Graham to 30 years in prison with no chance for early parole, followed by five years of supervised release.
“Jordan Linn Graham didn’t have the human capacity to feel the wrongfulness of what she’d done, to seek help or even tell his (her husband’s) mother,” Molloy said.
Graham has admitted in court to pushing her husband of eight days off the edge of a cliff last July. She said that on the day he died, the newlyweds had driven to the Montana park and walked down to an embankment on the cliff face, where she told him she wasn’t happy and “wasn’t sure we should be married.”
Her husband, 25-year-old Cody Johnson, responded by grabbing her hand, she said. “I told him to let go and I pushed his hand off,” Graham said. “I just pushed his hand off and just pushed away.”
In exchange for Graham pleading guilty to second-degree murder in a deal struck just as closing arguments were due to begin in the high profile case, prosecutors dropped a first-degree murder charge, which carries a mandatory life sentence.
Before sentence was pronounced, Johnson’s mother, two uncles and an aunt called on the judge to put Graham behind bars for life

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Iran ( Charshanbeh Suri "the last Wednesday of the year" 2 killed )

Tehran, YJC. Tuesday evening’s bonfire (Chaharshanbe Suri) has taken its toll of the year as all previous years.Head of the Public Relations of the Health Ministry’s Treatment Department said that 148 have been injured playing with fire on Tuesday evening.
Every year Iranians celebrate the last Wednesday of the year. The bonfire starts late Tuesday and is pursued the following day by firing firecrackers, setting up fire, and flying sky lanterns. The occasion is called Charshanbeh Suri.
Arezoo Dehghani in interview with Mehr News Agency added "By 22:30 tonight the Charshanbeh Suri wounded 148 people, 51 of which were released with outpatient treatment and 97 were transferred to hospitals.”
She further stated that hospitals and emergency services are kept on duty.
More recent reports say that two people have died from wounds inflicted during the bonfire.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Copenhagen Zoo ( Kills four lions " to make way for new one" ? )

The Danish zoo that drew so much criticism for killing a healthy young giraffe named Marius and inviting schoolchildren to watch as he was dismembered and fed to lions is at it again.
This time, the zoo announced that it euthanized four healthy lions Monday to make way for a young male lion.Copenhagen Zoo

It did not say what it did with their carcasses, nor whether they were among those who ate Marius.
Of course it’s tempting for any older person to anthropomorphize the situation (four old guys equals one young guy), but it turns out that only two of the lions were older -- 16 and 14 years old -- and one of them was a female. The other two were 18-month-old male cubs.
Having checked its humanity at the door in February when it so publicly killed and disposed of Marius, the zoo has a perfectly cold-eyed scientific rationale for the slaughter:
“The change in the lion pride had to happen now because Copenhagen Zoo currently has two young females from the 2012 litter and it is ideal to keep these as part of the new pride and then find a suitable male,” officials said in a statement on the zoo's website. “If the Zoo had not made the change in the pride now then we would have risked that the old male would mate with these two females -- his own offspring -- and thereby give rise to inbreeding.
“Furthermore, we couldn’t risk that the male lion mated with the old female as she was too old to be mated with again due to the fact that she would have difficulties with birth and parental care of another litter.”
(As an old female myself, I’m straining against the temptation to apply any evolutionary biology comparisons to human beings here.)
There were other exigencies outlined by the zoo in its explanation for why four perfectly healthy creatures had to be put down instead of moved.
The older male and older female would have killed the new male lion, officials said. And the new male lion would have killed the two sexually immature younger males.
Also, they said, had the new male not arrived quickly, the remaining females of the pride might have ganged up on him and killed him.
But none of that explains why the animals could not have gone off to some preserve and lived out their lives in peace.
Zoo spokesman Tobias Stenbaek Bro told CNN that the zoo tried to place them, “but unfortunately, there wasn’t any interest.”
How hard did they try?
You may recall that even when there was a great deal of interest in saving the life of Marius, the zoo refused to let him go, citing regulations of its governing organization, the European Assn. of Zoos and Aquaria. Yet two zoos that offered to take Marius, the Krakow Zoo and the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, are members of the association.
You could argue, correctly, that captive animals enjoy longer life spans than those in the wild, and in that sense a zoo animal’s life is often extended, perhaps even pleasurably, as it no longer has to deal with predators. (Well, non-human predators.)
But it is also true that these life-and-death decisions have nothing to do with an individual animal’s welfare, and in fact only serve the zoo’s needs and its higher goals of maintaining genetic diversity.
Maybe this is naive, but it seems to me that we humans owe a debt to these magnificent creatures. They entertain us, educate us and enlighten us. They deserve more than regular feedings and an untimely death.


CAIRO ( Protest at University " Over 520 death senttences " )

CAIRO: Hundreds of largely university students in a number of universities protested Wednesday against the mass death sentences issued against more than 520 suspected supporters of President Muhammad Mursi in a cursory trial, setting off clashes that left dozens injured.
One person was killed near the university when protesters clashed with security forces, a Health Ministry official told Reuters. The official said eight were wounded.

At Cairo University, hundreds of students who attempted to take their protest outside the campus were met with volleys of tear gas from police. Khadiga El-Kholy, a student participating in the protest, said the police force gave no warnings before firing the tear gas, sending the students rushing back on campus.
Students responded by throwing stones and fireworks and hurling tear gas canisters back at the security forces in pitched street battles. TV footage showed security in civilian clothes detaining protesters and taking them away in blindfolds. There were also images of the security seizing firebombs from young protesters. El-Kholy said police fired birdshot at the protesters.
“We wanted to escalate our protest because of those death sentences, which included university students,” she said, adding that the protesters had sought to move into a nearby public square outside the campus. “We want to break the barriers that the security forces have imposed on all the squares.”
In the Nile Delta city of Zagazig, police said students damaged the facade of an administrative building in the local university and clashed with rival students, prompting to security forces to enter the campus and arrest eight rioters.
Meanwhile, Egypt’s state news agency says the country’s chief prosecutor has ordered two new mass trials for 919 suspects on charges that include murder.

Amnesty News ( Amnesty slams Iran over the " Death Penalty ") Video

Mexico ( Double homicide two car dealers killed )

Information collected about states that at 09:00 hours ,  authorities were informed that district federal police had located the bodies of two men who were killed  at close range .The manager was ripped facial skin .

At the site the public prosecutor was in the company of expert criminologists who ordered the removal of the bodies to transfer to Semefo city of Uruapan , so far as known.

Later at Amphitheater Civil Hospital, relatives identified one of the victims , which in life by the name of Hugo Alejandro Barragan Venegas, who served as manager of the Renault agency in the city of Uruapan , he died of injuries from gunshot fire and was subsequently flayed by suspects.

Similarly, a second body of a man about 30 was killed , who was also working as the same car dealership . Ministerial authorities started with the investigations to clarify the motive for the double homicide and to give the identity of the murderers .

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California Senator arrested ( Leland Yee arrested on public corruption charges )

leland-yee-arrested-kpix.jpgThe San Francisco area lawmaker, a Democrat, is due in federal court for arraignment right about now. Yee was arrested this morning along with a shadowy San Francisco figure known as "Shrimp Boy" during raids involving hundreds of agents and officers from the FBI and gang task forces. Yee is running for California Secretary of State in this year's primary election. There is video in the media of Yee being taken into custody. From SFGate:
State Sen. Leland Yee was arrested on public corruption charges Wednesday morning in a federal investigation that also targeted Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow, a notorious former San Francisco gangster, officials said.
The arrest of Yee, who represents San Francisco and a part of San Mateo County and is a candidate for California Secretary of State, came amid searches of his office in Sacramento and his home on 24th Avenue in San Francisco's Sunset District.
Sources told The Chronicle that the predawn raids, carried out by hundreds of agents from the FBI and the IRS as well as local police officers, stemmed from a fatal shooting about five years ago.....
Also in custody was San Francisco political consultant Keith Jackson, a former San Francisco school board member, sources said.
According to the story, "local television cameras showed Yee being led away in handcuffs from his home."

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates ( United States Congress refuses to help American in Jail ) Zack Shahin

DUBAI, United Arab EmiratesMarch 6, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Lawyers for imprisoned U.S. citizen Zack Shahinhave renewed their request for intervention by the U. S. Department of State, arguing that the continued reluctance of the U.S. government to publicly urge Dubai Authorities to release Shahin, who remains innocent of charges filed against him, is a dereliction of the U.S. government's duty to protect the life and interests of Americans abroad.
"Numerous letters have been sent, both to Washington and the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in the U.A.E., none of which have been answered.  Although Senator Sherrod Brown was kind enough to inquire about Zack's case, the response contained nothing we did not already know," stated Eric J. Akers, co-counsel for Shahin.
In a letter sent March 6, Shahin's attorneys renewed their request for a written response from U.S President Obama and the State Department to the prior communication delivered to a number of State Department officials, including Secretary Kerry and Acting Assistant Secretary for Near East Affairs, Elizabeth Jones.  "Zack Shahin has reached the end of his options and will perish if his government continues to leave him to his fate," wrote Akers.
What effect the remand by the Cassation Court of Shahin's case in which the trial court imposed a term of imprisonment is, as of now, uncertain due to the lack of an interpretation of the judge's ruling.  However, as is reported, to require a new review of his case by a new panel of judges, raises serious questions about the Dubai justice system's overall appellate process and transparency which seems not to exist.
"As far as we know, including what we are able to glean from those officers who visit Zack, no effort has been exerted on Zack's behalf.  We can only assume that the American foreign policy is, as it appears to be elsewhere in the world, non-existent," said Akers. "The callous and inexcusable neglect of this American citizen by his own government while U.S. officials busy themselves with issues across the globe having little relevance to our country is a measure of how misguided our foreign policy has become."
Even Shahin's brother has not received a response from inquiries to the State Department, nor from President Obama. In 2012, in response to a letter to President Obama, Zack's brother did receive a letter from a State Department official, indicating the efforts taken to that date.  However, neither he, nor Zack's wife have received any written response from letters sent since then.
About Zack Shahin's Plight Since His March 2008 Arrest and Imprisonment:
On March 2, 2014Zack Shahin declared a hunger strike to protest the U.S. government's unwillingness to intervene on his behalf and demand that Dubai authorities release him after six years in jail without an upheld conviction.
March 23, 2014, will mark the six-year anniversary of Zack Shahin's arrest.  Except for the brief period following his release on bail in July 2012 and return that September, he has remained imprisoned without an upheld conviction.  In early 2013, Zack was acquitted on the first of four criminal cases against him, all of which stem from the same baseless accusations concerning his tenure as CEO of Deyaar, a Dubai-based real estate company.  The prosecutor unsuccessfully appealed this decision and the not-guilty verdict was upheld.  In March 2013, Zack and co-defendants were found guilty of embezzlement and received a 15-year sentence. Zack immediately appealed the conviction and the Dubai Court of Appeals overturned the court's decision.
Despite an appeals court overturning Shahin's guilty verdict and a cassation court upholding another not-guilty verdict, after four years of court appearances and continuances, and an obvious strategic maneuver by the Dubai government to deny U.S. citizenZack Shahin his due process right to a trial, Washington continues to tread lightly.
For more information on Zack Shahin's arrest, visit www.FreeZack.com.  U.S. legal counsel for Zack Shahin are Eric Akers andJames Jatras.
SOURCE U.S. Legal Counsel for Zack Shahin

Tucson AZ ( Suspect tried to grab girl walking to school )

TUCSON - Tucson Police are looking for a suspect that tried to grab an 18-year-old woman by the neck near Irvington and Campbell Tuesday morning.

The Alta Vista High School student was walking to class near Iowa and Cherry when a man approached her, Tucson Police spokesman Sgt. Chris Widmer said.
The suspect grabbed the victim by the neck and told her not to scream, Widmer said.
She screamed, fought the suspect off and ran off to her school where she reported the assault.
Tucson Police say the suspect is a Hispanic male who is 5-foot 7-inches tall. The man has brown eyes and a scar on his right arm. He was wearing a black shirt with blue jeans.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Egypt ( Death sentences handed out against 529 people )

1395671220236038600.jpgWASHINGTON: The US is “deeply concerned” about the death sentences handed out against 529 supporters of Egypt’s deposed President Muhammad Mursi, a US official said on Monday.
An Egyptian court handed down the sentences earlier, amid a sweeping crackdown on supporters of the former president, who was overthrown by the army last July.

“While appeals are possible, it simply does not seem possible that a fair review of evidence and testimony consistent with international standards could be accomplished with over 529 defendants after a two-day trial,” a State Department official said.
“We continue to call on the Egyptian government to ensure that all those detained in Egypt are afforded fair proceedings that respect civil liberties and due process and are consistent with international standards. The law must be applied equitably and free of political bias,” the State Department official said.
“We have said many times that even the appearance of politically-motivated arrests, detentions, and convictions will set Egypt’s transition back,” the official added.
The official, citing reports of violence in response to the sentences, warned that such a reaction would not help either.
But Egypt's army-installed interim government defended the court's handling of the case, insisting that the sentences had been handed down only “after careful study” and were subject to appeal.
The defendants who were sentenced to death are part of a larger group of more than 1,200 alleged radicals accused of killing two policemen and rioting on Aug. 14, after police killed hundreds of protesters while dispersing two Cairo protest camps.
Of the 529, only 153 are in custody. The rest were tried in their absence and have the right to a retrial if they turn themselves in.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Australia ( Large objects floating in remote seas off Australia )

aussie plane.jpgSYDNEY/KUALA LUMPUR: Aircraft and ships ploughed through dire weather on Thursday in search of objects floating in remote seas off that Malaysia’s government called a “credible lead” in the trans-continental hunt for a jetliner missing for nearly two weeks.
The large objects, which Australian officials said were spotted by satellite four days ago in one of the remotest parts of the globe, are the most promising find in days as searchers scour a vast area for the plane lost with 239 people on board.

A Norwegian merchant ship arrived in the area on Thursday, but officials cautioned it could take days to confirm if the objects were part of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777. Malaysia’s government said the search would continue elsewhere despite the sighting in the southern Indian Ocean.
The area where the objects were spotted is around 2,500 km (1,500 miles) southwest of Perth, roughly corresponding to the far end of a southern track that investigators calculated the aircraft could have taken after it was diverted.
“Yesterday I said that we wanted to reduce the area of the search. We now have a credible lead,” Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein told reporters in Kuala Lumpur.
A search for the plane that began in the tropical waters off Malaysia’s east coast has now switched to the vast, icy southern oceans between Australia, southern Africa and Antarctica.
Two Royal Australia Air Force AP-3C Orions, a US Navy P-8 Poseidon and a Royal New Zealand Air Force P-3K2 Orion were involved in Thursday’s search which was called off late in the evening and will resume on Friday.
There have been many false leads and no confirmed wreckage found from Flight MH370 since it vanished from air traffic control screens off Malaysia’s east coast early on March 8, less than an hour after taking off from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing.
Hishammuddin said the information on the objects received from Australia had been “corroborated to a certain extent” by other satellites, making it more credible than previous leads.
The larger of the objects measured up to 24 meters (79 ft), long and appeared to be floating in water several thousand meters deep, Australian officials said. The second object was about five meters (16 feet) long. Arrows on the images pointed to two indistinct objects apparently bobbing in the water.
“It’s credible enough to divert the research to this area on the basis it provides a promising lead to what might be wreckage from the debris field,” Royal Australian Air Force Air Commodore John McGarry told a news conference in Canberra.
The satellite images, provided by US company DigitalGlobe , were taken on March 16, meaning that the possible debris could by now have drifted far from the original site.
Australian officials said an aircraft had dropped a series of marker buoys in the area, which will provide information about currents to assist in calculating the latest location.
The captain of the first Australian Air Force AP-3C Orion plane to return from the search area described the weather conditions as “extremely bad” with rough seas and high winds.
A Norwegian car carrier diverted from its journey from Madagascar to Melbourne and had arrived in the search area, the ship’s owner said. A Royal Australian Navy ship equipped to recover any objects was also en route.
China’s icebreaker for Antarctic research, Xuelong, or Snow Dragon, will set off from Perth to search the area, Chinese state news agency Xinhua cited maritime authorities as saying. About two-thirds of the 227 passengers on Flight MH370 were Chinese nationals.
Chinese President Xi Jinping told Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott in a telephone call that he hoped Australia would do all it could to search the area and offer assistance to Chinese search ships, China’s Xinhua news agency reported.
“At present, search and rescue work is quite difficult, and the situation in the relevant seas is complex. As long as there is a thread of hope, we must put in 100 percent effort,” Xinhua quoted Xi as saying.

KABUL ( Taliban kill 10 police officers early on Thursday)

KABUL, Afghanistan: Taleban insurgents carried out a brazen early morning assault Thursday on a police station in the country’s east, killing 10 police officers and a civilian, officials said.
The spectacular attack in Jalalabad, the capital of the eastern Nangarhar province, was the latest in the countdown to next month’s presidential elections.
The assault involved a suicide bomber, two remotely detonated bombs and seven insurgents and set off a four-hour gunbattle with the police.
By the time it was over, all seven insurgents involved in the multi-pronged attack were killed, said Deputy Interior Minister Gen. Mohammed Ayub Solangi.
The attack began with a suicide bomber detonating his explosives-laden car outside the police station, located near the palatial residence of the province’s Governor Attahullah Ludin.
After the blast, six gunmen stormed into the station simultaneously as two bombs were detonated nearby, presumably by remote control — one hidden in a motorized three-wheel rickshaw and another in a vegetable cart.
Solangi said the insurgents were armed with heavy weapons and automatic machine guns. The battle was fierce — with the Afghan troops fighting their way out and chasing the attackers down the street — and when it ended, 10 policemen, including a district police chief, were dead.
The one civilian who was killed was a university student caught in the cross-fire, said police.
Doctors at nearby hospitals said as many as 20 civilians were wounded, mostly from shrapnel from the initial suicide car bombing, but that the majority were treated and released quickly. Two of the wounded were said to be in serious condition.
The nearby state-run Afghan radio and television building was badly damaged in the first suicide bombing.
In an e-mail in Pashto — the language most often spoken by the Taleban — the insurgent group’s spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the Taleban had staged the attack in Jalalabad.
The Taleban have carried out numerous attacks in Jalalabad and the country’s east, which is their traditional stronghold, along with southern Afghanistan.
They have threatened a campaign of violence to disrupt the April 5 vote, which will choose a new Afghan president to lead the country as foreign troops prepare to end their combat mission by the end of the year.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

India ( Tigress has killed "10 people" in India ) Man eater

She lies in wait while her victims are collecting firewood, or taking cattle to graze, or working in the fields. She has grabbed people in broad daylight, carrying them away silently into the forests or the sugarcane fields. By the time the victims are found, often little is left but a pair of shoes, unspeakable gore and a ring of drying blood.
Over seven weeks she has traveled, almost completely unseen, for more than 120 miles. She has crossed villages, small towns and at least one highway.
A killer is stalking the villages of north India. She has killed at least nine people, all of them poor villagers living on the fringes of one of the world's last wild tiger habitats. They are people who cannot afford a day off work, people who have no indoor plumbing and must use the fields as their toilets. They are people who know little about India's recent successes in tiger conservation.
But with the sudden appearance of one tiger, they look at an animal so beloved to outsiders and see only a monster.
"She has turned into a man-eater," said Vijay Pal Singh, whose neighbor, a 22-year-old farm laborer named Shiv Kumar Singh, was killed as he worked at the edge of a sugarcane field in January. In an area where nearly everyone works outside, this means life has been completely upended. "People are afraid to go into the fields," said Singh. "Everything has changed."
While hunters are brought in to kill man-eating tigers every year or so in India, it has been decades since a tiger killed as many people as this one, or stayed on the run so long.
"She won't stop now. She'll keep killing," said Samar Jeet Singh, a hunter with an aristocratic pedigree, a curled-up moustache and a high-powered heirloom rifle. For almost a month he has been tracking the female tiger, most recently through the forests and dried riverbeds near where she made her last kill, cutting down an elderly buffalo herder last week. Searchers found just part of one arm and one leg. The tiger left the buffalos unharmed.