Friday, August 31, 2012

MEXICO (CIA Shooting ) Families Protest over arrest of 14 Mexican Police Officers

American agents who were shot last Friday, along with a Captain of the Marina of Mexico, as they headed to the shooting range and Marines Infantry training field located Xalatlaco area, belong to the Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA, for its acronym in English), confirmed official sources close to the investigation, which added that the attack took place after the attackers were in close view of the diplomatic vehicle occupants.
According to the obtained information by this newspaper, the aggression against the American agents and of the marine was direct and the fact that there were no fatal victims, it was because the Toyota SUV they were travelling in was amour grade 7 ( highest level).
The reports given the same day of the incident, which occurred near Tres Marias, Morelos, the U.S. embassy reported that it had been an ambush , while the Federal Police said it had been a confusion
The information from the Attorney General's Office (PGR) said that the CIA agents who were to conduct follow up shooting courses at the Marine Corps Training Field. As they traveled in the stretch of dirt known as El Capulin, in Xalatlaco, Mexico State, they encountered a Dodge Van with several heavily armed civilians who, at gunpoint, forced them to stop.
While not aiming their weapons, two of them approached the Toyota. , Suddenly, the driver of the U.S. embassy vehicle abruptly threw the vehicle in reverse while turning it around then sped to the federal highway with the gunmen shooting at the vehicle in full pursuit.
The pursuit grows
During the pursuit a second vehicle, a Sentra, appeared attempting to block the embassy vehicle, while four gumen in the Sentra opened fire with heavy artillery.
During the chase, and with two vehicles in pursuit, they passed through a village near a junction, where eight plainclothes men in two vehicles, joined the Toyota aggression and also began firing weapons.
Now chased by four cars, and U.S. agents tried to signal Marines at a gas station, but after failing the pursuit continued. When reaching the junction there awaited a fifth vehicle, that joined the chase and also began shooting.
Once in the federal highway, because of the impact damage, the Toyota was immobilized and yet still sustaining shots of high-caliber weapons. One of the assailants with an AK-47 (cuerno de chivo/goat horn) blasted the armored diplomatic vehicle. It was during the attack with the AK47 when U.S. agents were injured, they were in the front seats and the Marina officer in the rear.
The informant added that directly after the shooting ceased three Federal Police vehicles arrived at the scene.
Federal agents got out of their patrol cars with weapons drawn. One of them approached the Toyota and was when officers identified themselves as U.S. diplomats.
Fourteen federal officers involved in the attack have been detained and transfered to a Mexico City prison for a 40 day hold, until the investigation can clarify exactly what occurred. In the photo above families of the officers involved are protesting this action.

Los Angeles to BILL (GIRLS who DIED BEING HERO'S) for ambulance fee's

Los Angeles still plans to bill families of Irma Zamora and Stacey Schreiber (Yahoo News composite. Original images …The families of two Good Samaritans who were electrocuted after racing to the scene of a car wreck will still be charged for ambulance fees by the city of Los Angeles.
On August 22, Irma Zamora and Stacey Schreiber died after rushing to the scene of a car wreck. Four others were also injured in the incident, after an estimated 4,800 volts of power flowing from a snapped streetlight fixture made contact with water spewing from a broken fire hydrant at the scene of the car accident.
Earlier it was reported that city officials might find a way to waive the fees, which are estimated to be around $1,000 per person. The four other injured victims will also reportedly be billed for emergency services.
LAist reports that City Councilman Paul Krekorian is holding a press conference on Thursday during which he will announce plans to help raise funds for the victims' families.
"No one who puts themselves in harm's way should have to struggle to pay the bills that accrue as a result of their altruism," Krekorian said in a statement.
City fire officials say they do not have the power to circumvent municipal codes and waive the mandatory paramedic fees, even in cases during which a citizen is accidentally injured or killed

Thursday, August 30, 2012

TEXAS (RAPE Suspect) Eric McGowen leaves during courtroom break (Wanted)

LIBERTY, Texas (AP) — The first defendant to face trial among a group of men and boys accused of repeatedly raping a young Texas girl vanished Wednesday during a break in the proceedings, following emotionally charged testimony from the alleged victim.
Eric McGowen, 20, is among 14 adults accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl during a nearly three-month span in 2010. Six juveniles also were charged.
Prosecutors and defense attorneys huddled briefly with Judge Mark Morefield after McGowen failed to return to the courtroom following an afternoon break. The judge then told jurors the trial will go on without him.

Morefield later said a bench warrant had been issued, and McGowen's bail was increased from $35,000 to $250,000. The judge denied a defense motion for a continuance in the case and said the trial will resume Thursday morning.
"Your client left voluntarily," Morefield told defense attorney Matthew Poston.
Poston and prosecutors did not comment outside the courtroom because of a gag order in the case.
McGowen is charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child and faces up to life in prison if convicted.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MEXICO Officials said ( CIA Agents were SHOT) By mexican police

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican officials said Wednesday that two Americans wounded in a shooting attack by federal police on a U.S. Embassy vehicle are employees of the Central Intelligence Agency, and acknowledged they have returned to the United States.
A Mexican federal official whose agency does not allow him to be quoted by name said the wounded Americans are CIA employees. U.S. officials wouldn't confirm which agency the men work for or say what work they were performing in Mexico.

On Tuesday, the Mexican navy issued a statement saying the Americans were visiting a training course being held in a rural, mountainous area south of Mexico City. Some local press had previously said the Americans were acting as trainers or instructors.
Mexican Attorney General Marisela Morales was asked Wednesday why the two Americans were allowed to return to the U.S. even though an investigation is under way. She said they were allowed to go "so that they can be treated in the place they think is safest."
Morales said they could testify later in the case of 12 federal police officers who allegedly shot at their vehicle Friday.

A little music -Alice in Chains (Nutshell)

SECRET Service Agent (LEAVES Gun in Bathroom ) For Reporter to find -Romney Detail

TAMPA - A member of Mitt Romney's Secret Service detail was removed today from a campaign trip after she accidentally left her firearm unattended in the candidate's charter plane bathroom.
The agent in question left a gun unattended in the bathroom of the plane during a flight between Tampa and Indiana. The gun was found by a reporter on board who immediately informed the agent, who then went back into the bathroom and retrieved the weapon.

Ed Donovan, a spokesman for the United States Secret Service, told ABC News that officials are "aware of the incident."
"We take the care and custody of our equipment - especially firearms - very seriously," he said. "We will deal with this matter internally and in an appropriate manner."
The Romney campaign referred all questions regarding the incident to the Secret Service.
The gun was left in the bathroom primarily used by media in the back of the plane. Romney and his staff sit in the front several rows of the plane and the candidate uses the forward bathroom.
It was not immediately clear if the gun was loaded or on a safety lock, but the agent was on active duty at the time of the incident.
Following a campaign event in Indiana, the agent in question never re-boarded the flight back to Tampa.

89 Year OLD Man (Olympic Athlete 2012) Table Tennis Team

Bill Guilfoil from Fairway at 89 competed for a spot on the Olympic table tennis team at the trials earlier this year.
Among the 486 Olympic athletes for 2012 listed by Team USA, you find some familiar names: Michael Phelps, Gabrielle Douglas, Ryan Lochte and Allyson Felix.
Here’s one you might not have heard: Fairway resident Bill Guilfoil
What makes Guilfoil’s name stand out on the official U.S. Olympic Committee list of athletes for the 2012 games is not just the fact that he lives in Fairway, but that he will turn 90 years old in November. While Guilfoil did not make the team traveling to London, he did compete in the Olympic trials in February in North Carolina in the Olympic sport of table tennis. According to the U.S. Olympic Committee, that makes him an official Olympic athlete for 2012.
Although Phelps and company are household names around the country for their Olympic exploits, Guilfoil has long been a household name around Johnson County and the Kansas City metro for his long career as both a tennis and table tennis teacher and competitor. Now 89, he still teaches tennis several hours per week at the Overland Park Racquet Club and runs the Sunday table tennis competitions. Guilfoil has been teaching tennis at the club for 35 years, since the day it opened.
“Bill definitely is our role model,” says club general manager John Shaw. “If we could all be in as good of shape as he’s in, we would be doing well.”
“I don’t have any problems with my knees,” Guilfoil says. “I feel like I can still move and turn.”
In the North Carolina trials, Guilfoil lost to Rocky Wang, who in turn lost to the top-rated player in the playoff. At this point, the Olympic committee can’t tell if Guilfoil is the oldest athlete to enter an Olympic trial because the records are kept on athletes who participate in the games, but they cannot point to anyone older who has entered.

Jennifer Vasilakos ( Regarding Recovery/stem cell treatment)

It remains my desire to re-open the conversation on autologous (from one’s own body) stem cell medicine and treatments in America, so that other people will have better alternatives for healing from their devastating illnesses.

I appreciate all your positive support, prayers, and wishes for my full recovery, so that I can come off dialysis.

Wishing you Great Health & Happiness,

Jennifer Vasilakos
Jennifer e-mailed me after I contacted her about her story and I told her how touched I was by it. I wish Jennifer the best of luck .
(Jennifer's Full Story)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NEW DOCTOR ( Rules Max ShacKnai Death Homicide) Rebecca Zahau Case

The young boy’s death was thought to be an accident at first, but that just didn’t settle right with grieving mother, Dina Shacknai. NBC News reports that days after Max was found dead, his father’s girlfriend was found dead as well. Rebecca Zahau was found hanging nude from a second story balcony in the same house where Max died. Zahau’s death on July 14 was ruled a suicide by the San Diego Sherrif’s Department.

“Things just didn’t add up to me, so I hired independent experts to review the findings,” Dina said in a statement given to reporters on Monday. “When I started this process all I knew is that I wanted the truth, wherever that led, like any parent would.”
Newser states that Dina hired two experts to help her in finding the truth about her son’s death. She hired San Francisco-based forensics pathologist Dr. Judy Melinek and injury biomechanics expert Dr. Robert Bove to review the details of the case. After reviewing the case, they both concluded that Max was likely beaten before he fell from the balcony. They say this attack could have led to the young boy’s fall. He could have been pushed over or he could have jumped or fell over the railing while trying to get away from his attacker. Dr. Melinek is calling the ”accidental death” classification of Max’s death ”inaccurate.”
“It would be more accurate to certify that manner as a homicide, where homicide is defined as death at the hands of another,” Melinek said in the statement.
On Monday, Dina showed the team’s findings to the Coronado Police Department and requested them to re-open the case.

Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/296538/mother-requests-to-re-open-sons-case-after-suspicion-of-homicide/#2pRF2MfjPZI9Fvrk.99

MONTANA Man (KILLED pretending to be BIGFOOT) HIT by CAR

A Montana man was struck and killed by cars Sunday night while trying to hoax a Bigfoot sighting. The Montana Highway Patrol reported that Randy Lee Tenley of Kalispell was pronounced dead at the scene on U.S. Highway 93 south of Kalispell after being hit by two cars consecutively.

Tenley was wearing a military-style ghillie suit, which is a type of camouflage that resembles vegetation or foliage. Police interviewed Tenley's friends to determine why he would be wearing a full-length dark ghillie suit in the right-hand lane of the highway at night, and were apparently told of Tenley's nocturnal Bigfoot-inspired mischief.
Trooper Jim Schneider, interviewed by the Daily Inter Lake.com, said that Tenley "was trying to make people think he was Sasquatch so people would call in a Sasquatch sighting. You can't make it up. I haven't seen or heard anything like this before. Obviously, his suit made it difficult for people to see him."

12 Mexican (POLICE) Detained by Judge in the SHOOTING of U.S Embassy employees

MEXICO CITY, Aug 27 (Reuters) - Twelve Mexican federal police have been detained in an investigation of how two U.S. Embassy employees were wounded after being caught up in a police chase on the outskirts of the capital, authorities said on Monday.

Attorney General Marisela Morales said a judge had ordered the officers remain in custody for 40 days. They have not been charged with any offense in Friday's incident but she said prosecutors were looking into possible abuse of authority.

"We are not ruling out any kind of wrongdoing or any line of investigation," Morales told reporters. "We are asking for them to be detained so that we have the time necessary to conduct an exhaustive investigation."

Officials said on Friday police fired on the embassy workers' vehicle, which had diplomatic license plates, after the driver veered out of the way when he saw the officers' weapons.

The latest incident took place on a highway on the southern outskirts of Mexico City close to the city of Cuernavaca, which has been ravaged by criminal gangs during the government's conflict with drug cartels.

Monday, August 27, 2012

17 Afghans (KILLED for DANCING) Beheaded -Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Insurgents beheaded 17 civilians in a Taliban-controlled area of southern Afghanistan, apparently because they attended a dance party that flouted the extreme brand of Islam embraced by the militants, officials said Monday.
The killings, in a district where U.S. Marines have battled the Taliban for years, were a reminder of how much power the insurgent group still wields in the south — particularly as international forces draw down and hand areas over to Afghan forces.

The victims were part of a large group that had gathered late Sunday in Helmand province's Musa Qala district for a celebration involving music and dancing, said district government chief Neyamatullah Khan. He said the Taliban slaughtered them to show their disapproval of the event.
All of the bodies were decapitated but it was not clear if they had been shot first, said provincial government spokesman Daoud Ahmadi.
Information was only trickling out slowly because the area where the killings occurred is largely Taliban controlled, Khan said. The Taliban spokesman for southern Afghanistan could not be reached for comment.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

MEXICO ( HIGHWAYS BLOCKED Shooting) Drug Cartel-Guadalajara

Chaos In Guadalajara As It Experiences A Surge In Violence
Sunday, August 26, 2012 |
Borderland Beat

Gunmen created narco blockades blocking highways throughout Guadalajara, Mexico's second biggest city. On Saturday vehicles were set on fire amid a surge in drug-war violence.
Though no official information has been released, information is flowing through Twitter and other social networks. Reports of large groups and convoys of heavily armed masked men were conducting shootings, blockades and terrorizing people throughout Jalisco.
Reports from: Guadalajara, Zapopan, Guzman, Tuxucca, Tlaquepaque, Tonila and Tlajomulco among other cities involved.
Police confirmed seven unauthorized roadblocks constructed with charred, smoldering cars and trucks within the Guadalajara city limits and 15 others in the surrounding Jalisco .
Six were reportedly killed on Saturday. others seriously wounded by gunfire, but no arrests had been made.
Luis Carlos Najera, police chief for Jalisco state, told reporters"We don't know who is behind this operation," he said.
Guadalajara has not seen the level of drug cartel-related violence as other areas, but similar flaming roadblocks shook the city in early March as military forces successfully sought to arrest a prominent cartel leader.
Jalisco state has been a stronghold of the Sinaloa Cartel since the 1980s, when traffickers first started to use Mexico as a "trampoline" to bounce cocaine into the United States.
It has recently seen an upsurge in violence as Sinaloa Cartel gunmen battle rivals from the Zetas cartel, which is displacing older trafficking groups in many parts of Mexico.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

U.S DRONE (kills 25 on Tuesday) Afghan (Haqqani)Leader Killed

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - A CIA drone strike in Pakistan may have killed the operational commander of the Haqqani network, the insurgent group behind some of the most high-profile attacks on Western and Afghan government targets in Afghanistan, Pakistani intelligence officials and militant sources said on Saturday.
The officials said Badruddin Haqqani, who is also believed to handle the network's vital business interests and smuggling operations, may have been killed during a drone strike this week in Pakistan's tribal North Waziristan region.
One senior Pakistani intelligence official said Badruddin had fled a compound that he and other militants were in after it was hit by a missile, then was killed by a second drone strike on a car that he was in.
There was no official word on Badruddin's fate from the Haqqani network. Other intelligence officials were more cautious.
"The Lone Wolf kills 25 on  tuesday but misses the mark"!
on Friday his second missile hits the mark.

"Our informers have told us that he has been killed in the drone attack on the 21st but we cannot confirm it," said one of the Pakistani intelligence officials.
If Badruddin's death is confirmed, it could deal a major blow to the Haqqanis, one of the United States's most feared enemies in Afghanistan.
The Haqqanis are the most experienced fighters in Afghanistan and the loss of one of the group's most important leaders could ease pressure on NATO as it prepares to withdraw most of its combat troops at the end of 2014.
"We are 90 percent sure that he was in the same house which was attacked with a drone on Tuesday," said another Pakistani intelligence official.
Sources close to the Haqqqani network also said Badruddin was believed to be in the house, hit by a drone strike as militants were planting explosives in a vehicle meant to be used for an attack on NATO forces in Afghanistan.
"The drone fired two missiles on the house last Tuesday and killed 25 people, most of them members of the Haqqani family," one of the sources said.
Pakistani Taliban and tribal sources said they believed Badruddin was killed in the drone attack.
One of Badruddin's relatives said he was alive and busy with his "jihad activities".
"Such claims are baseless," he told Reuters. Another relative told Reuters Badruddin is "alive and well".
Afghanistan's Taliban movement, allies of the Haqqani network, said Badruddin was alive.

U.S DRONES or Lone Wolf (Used in MEXICO) Drug Wars

The Mexican government confirmed Wednesday that it had authorized the use of U.S. drones to collect intelligence on several occasions, a new sign of the two countries’ intensifying cooperation against the drug cartels threatening Mexico.
The statement from Mexico’s presidential office said the drones had been requested for “specific occasions and events” and had been operated under the supervision of its government.
Lone Wolf  unarmed in mexico "so they say"
Watches  like "A Hawk on Crack"
But until now, the flights were secret, apparently out of concern about a possible backlash in Mexico. Mexican politicians and the public have historically been highly sensitive to U.S. involvement in the country.
The use of the drones was first reported by the New York Times, which said the Pentagon began sending high-altitude, unarmed drones deep into Mexico last month.
The Mexican government statement did not specify which U.S. agency was running the drones, and presidential spokesman Alejandro Poire did not return a call for comment.

The U.S. government has flown drones on the American side of the border for years. American officials have publicly hinted that the United States shares information from those flights with Mexico. Those drones are operated by the Department of Homeland Security.
On Wednesday, asked about the latest disclosure, one senior U.S. official said: “It’s been a process of cooperation over time, and so some suggestion that this is 10 days old wouldn’t be accurate.” The official spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.
The Pentagon referred calls to the Mexican government.
The U.S. and Mexican governments have rapidly expanded their cooperation in recent years against cartels that have been waging a ferocious war for control of drug markets and routes in Mexico. More than 35,000 people have been killed since President Felipe Calderon launched a military offensive against the cartels in 2006.
Some Mexican opposition politicians lashed out at the government for the secret drone flights.
“There are constitutional regulations that have to do with Mexican airspace,” Rosario Green, a former foreign minister and a senator from the Institutional Revolutionary Party, told the newspaper Reforma. “If there is nothing to hide, why not debate it in Congress, which at the end of the day has a lot to do with maintaining our national sovereignty?”

Friday, August 24, 2012

San Diego County Sheriff's Deputy (Shoots Woman ) Navy veteran by mistake in her own yard

The brother of a Navy veteran shot by a deputy in her own backyard wants the sheriff's department to admit its mistake and take responsibility for the incident.
Jennifer Orey, 36, was shot Sunday in a surprise encounter with two sheriff's deputies who were searching for a man reportedly in the area wearing a ski mask, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports. Orey was in her pajamas in her yard around 10:30 p.m. because she heard noises and thought it was her ex-husband, the newspaper reports.
Sheriff Gore

Orey and Deputy Luke Berhalter came in contact and the officer's firearm discharged at point-blank range, her brother James Morgan told local Fox 5 News.
"He fired without warning, saying freeze, or anything. Then just as she saw the black smoke coming out the barrel she turned her body," Morgan said. "The bullet went through her chest and her left nipple, into her shoulder and out her pinkie."
The deputy reportedly told her, "I'm sorry, you startled me," Morgan told the television station.
San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore told local 10News the deputies thought Orey's open gate looked suspicious, so they entered the backyard. When deputies ran into the woman, Berhalter had a "spontaneous reaction."
Berhalter, a San Diego County deputy for 21 months after seven years with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, has been placed on leave. The case has been handed over to the local prosecuting attorney for review.
Orey, whose family told the newspaper she was the first woman in the Navy to earn her wings of gold as a search and rescue swimmer, was released from hospital.
But still her brother wants answers.
"I feel they are trying to cover up their mistakes," Morgan told Fox 5 News. "They know the truth. They just don't want to admit it. All we want is for them to own up to their mistake and be responsible just like anybody else."

Serendipity ( A WOMAN'S Fortunate Accidental meeting ) Fate

Jennifer Vasilakos (Jennifer Vasilakos)
A woman who helped a lost man ended up with a surprise $20,000 gift.
That's what happened last month when Jennifer Vasilakos guided Ty Warner when he stopped and asked for driving directions in Santa Barbara, Calif.
While Warner didn't know exactly how to get to where he was going, Vasilakos didn't realize who she was helping.
Warner is the billionaire founder of Ty Inc., the Beanie Baby company.
Vasilakos was at the intersection trying to raise $20,000 for a stem cell procedure she needs to help save her life because she suffers from kidney failure and does not qualify for a transplant.
She describes their encounter in her blog:
He was true to his word. Vasilakos, an herbalist and Reiki teacher, received a package on July 16 with a $20,000 check and with a handwritten note from Warner. The note read in part, "Someone up there loves you because I was guided to meet you Saturday. I never lose my way, but fate had me lost and ask you for directions. The rest of the story I hope will be a wonderful new life for you."
Courtesty of Jennifer Vasilakos
"Of course I started crying, because that's what girls do," Vasilakos said. "I'm incredibly thankful to Ty Warner and to everyone who has supported me with love and prayer."
The check cleared a few weeks later and she booked a surgical procedure at an undisclosed foreign hospital to begin hematopoietic stem cell treatment. Hematopietic treatment takes a cell from the blood or bone marrow that can renew itself and develop into a variety of specialized cells.
"After I serendipitously met Jennifer, I further educated myself on her stem cell needs. I was shocked that this particular type of treatment wasn't available to her in the U.S.," Warner said in a media release. "My hope is that we can bring this lifesaving treatment to the forefront so that it can become more readily available and provide alternatives for people like Jennifer."
So the chance meeting allowed both Warner and Vasilakos to each continue on their journeys.

U.S Drone or LONE Wolf ( KILLS 16 in Pakistan) Target Rich Environment

DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan (Reuters) - Missile-firing U.S. drone aircraft killed at least 16 people on Friday in an attack in northwest Pakistan, two Pakistani intelligence officials.
Lone Wolf  strikes again 16 killed
The attacks targeted three walled compounds in the Shawal Valley, which is in the South Waziristan region on the border with Afghanistan, the officials said. The area has long been known as a sanctuary for militants.
The drone attacks are highly controversial in Pakistan, where there is anger over civilian casualties and what is perceived as a violation of Pakistani sovereignty.
But U.S. officials say that Pakistan does not control the militant-held territory where the drones strike. The United States considers drones a key weapon in the war against al Qaida and Taliban insurgents. (Reporting by Saud Mehsud; Writing by Katharine Houreld; Editing by Robert Birsel)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

ICE AGENTS (File Law Suit Against Their OWN Agency)

A group of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents filed a lawsuit against their own agency Thursday, arguing that the Obama administration is not letting them fully identify and deport illegal immigrants.
Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano says her department does not have the manpower or money to deport the 11 million illegal immigrants in the USA, so she issued a memorandum last year ordering immigration officials to focus their efforts on dangerous illegal immigrants. In June, Obama announced a program that will allow up to 1.7 million illegal immigrants brought to the USA as children to have deportations deferred for at least two years.

The 10 ICE agents suing Napolitano and ICE Director John Morton say those directives violate the Constitution and federal immigration law. "We are federal law enforcement officers who are being ordered to break the law," said Chris Crane, an ICE agent and president of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council, a union for ICE employees. "This directive puts ICE agents and officers in a horrible position."
ICE spokesman Ross Feinstein did not comment on the lawsuit but said more than half of the nearly 400,000 illegal immigrants deported in 2011 had been convicted of crimes, the largest number in the agency's history. He said that shows the decision to focus on the most dangerous illegal immigrants is a policy that works, and June's decision to defer deportation for young illegal immigrants enhances that strategy.
A spokesman for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Obama may have overstepped his authority by ordering the deportation deferments, and Romney would forge a long-term solution with Congress instead of relying on Obama's "stop-gap measure."
"The courts will have to sort this out, but this kind of uncertainty is unacceptable as these young people brought here as children are seeking clarity on their long-term status," spokesman Ryan Williams said.
The lawsuit, filed Thursday in a Dallas federal court, requests that a judge strike down the two directives and protect the agents from any retribution for their lawsuit.

Yankton Reservation ( 2 year OLD found Dead) In closet for 36 Hours

Crews Clean Up Wagner Meth House

By Hailey Higgins
Published: August 22, 2012, 6:18 PM

 The death of 2-year-old Reilee Lovell on the Yankton Reservation in Wagner has put a renewed focus on meth use by Native Americans.
Authorities say Taylor and Laurie Cournoyer were using meth and other drugs while Lovell was in their care. Her body was found inside a closet in a home on the reservation, at least 36 hours after she died.
The Yankton Sioux Tribe isn't alone in its struggle against methamphetamine abuse. And while local statistics are hard to come by, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health Report shows meth is disproportionately devastating Native American communities like Wagner.
According to the report, 74 percent of tribal police officer rank meth as the number one drug problem on reservations.
The Reilee Lovell case simply puts a face on what is believed to be a bigger problem. Because nearly half of all tribal police believe an increase in child neglect and abuse cases are linked to increased meth use.
Nationally, 40 percent of all violent crime on tribal land is also believed to be linked to meth use.
And officials as many as two-thirds of all domestic violence cases on the country's reservations could be linked to the use of the drug.
On Wednesday, a cleaning crew armed with coveralls and breathing masks is fighting back.
Joe Newcomb, with Santi-Kleen Environmental Solutions, oversees the cleanup and says traces of meth have contaminated nearly every surface of Taylor and Laurie Cournoyer's former home.

KILLER (Denied Parole) John Lennon Story

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — John Lennon's killer was denied release from prison in his seventh appearance before a parole board, New York corrections officials said.
Mark David Chapman, 57, was denied parole by a three-member board after a hearing Wednesday, the state Department of Corrections said Thursday. The transcript of his latest hearing wasn't immediately released.

Chapman shot Lennon in December 1980 outside the Manhattan apartment building where the former Beatle lived. He was sentenced in 1981 to 20 years to life in prison after pleading guilty to second-degree murder. The musician, singer and songwriter was 40.
"Despite your positive efforts while incarcerated, your release at this time would greatly undermine respect for the law and tend to trivialize the tragic loss of life which you caused as a result of this heinous, unprovoked, violent, cold and calculated crime," board member Sally Thompson wrote. Board members Joseph Crangle and Marc Coppola agreed

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

TUCSON (Police Officer) will be charged in k-9's Death

DPS officer to be charged in dog's death


TUCSON - The DPS officer who left his police dog in a hot patrol car will face an animal neglect charge in Tucson.
City Attorney Mike Rankin tells News 4 Tucson Officer Kory Lankow will face the misdemeanor charge, but it has not yet been filed.
Pima County chose not to pursue charges against Lankow for leaving his dog, Jeg, in the hot car for more than an hour.
Jeg later had to be euthanized.
A class one misdemeanor can carry a fine of up to $2,500 and up to 180 days in jail.

I Little Music Nickelback (Photograph)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DALLAS (911 call Police Refuse to check house) Woman found dead 2 days later

Deanna Cook
Photo: Facebook
Delvecchio Patrick
On the 911 recording, Deanna Cook pleads to her ex-husband to stop attacking her.
“Delvecchio, why are you doing this?” she screams during the Friday morning call, according to police documents. “Red, please stop, I didn’t do anything to you.”
Two Dallas police officers were sent to her home in the Rylie area of southeast Dallas. No one answered the door, and they left.
Two days later, her family found Cook, 32, dead in her home. Her ex-husband, 35-year-old Delvecchio Patrick, who had repeatedly threatened to kill her and been convicted of prior family violence attacks on her, finally succeeded in taking her life, authorities say. He is being held at Lew Sterrett Justice Center in lieu of $500,000 bail.
Friends and family of Cook, who said she went by “De-de,” criticized police for not doing more to try to help her on Friday.
“That’s negligence,” said friend Lakesha Davis, 37. “They kick in your door for everything else … It needs to be investigated.”
Dallas Police Chief David Brown did not respond to a request for comment, but the department issued a statement Monday evening stating that it is conducting a “comprehensive review” of how communications personnel and patrol officers handled the call.