Saturday, August 30, 2014

Arizona ( Man shot by " taser gun " dies )

LITTLEFIELD, AZ - A motorcyclist who was arrested after fleeing a traffic stop in the Arizona Strip region has died in custody.
Image result for taser gun pictureMohave County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Trish Carter says deputies in the Littlefield area spotted a motorcycle Friday night traveling without a rear license plate.
Deputies attempted to stop the rider, who then abandoned his vehicle and ran into the desert.
Carter says deputies found him in some brush and used a Taser twice after he allegedly became combative.
The suspect stopped breathing while being led in handcuffs to a patrol car.
Despite paramedics' efforts, the man died at the scene.
The Arizona Department of Public Safety is investigating the incident. The deputies involved have been placed on paid administrative leave.
The motorcyclist has not yet been identified.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The real " Navajo Bigfoot story"

Bigfoot's stomping grounds

There's more to Upper Fruitland than Northern Edge casino
By Cindy Yurth
Tséyi Bureau
FARMINGTON, January 26, 2012
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(Courtesy photo - Brenda Harris)
TOP: Brenda Harris of Upper Fruitland, N.M., found this footprint, nearly 18 inches long, in her yard in 2008, starting her on a mission of tracking the elusive creature.

BOTTOM: This photo by Brenda Harris of Upper Fruitland, N.M., shows a figure she believes is a Bigfoot walking behind a cornfield near the San Juan River. Harris, who has investigated dozens of sightings and strange phenomena in her chapter, believes there is at least a family and possibly a whole colony of the creatures living in the mountains north of Fruitland.

Meet the Navajo Buffy.
She's not a pretty cheerleader, she's a pretty middle-aged mom. And she's not a vampire slayer, exactly ... she's more of a live-and-let-live type.
But if you live on the northern edge of the rez, and there's something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? Brenda Harris.
Since finding an 18-inch long footprint in her yard in Upper Fruitland, Harris has investigated dozens of complaints from neighbors about strange livestock killings, hairy upright beings looking in windows, and odd giant footprints.
She has photographs and even hair and blood samples.
Her conclusion: Bigfoot is alive and well. In fact, there are almost certainly more than one of them living in the mountains north of the San Juan River, including some youngsters.
And that's not at all. There is something else out there.
According to Harris, a recent spate of sheep and goat killings in Upper Fruitland reveal a killer that punctures a tidy hole in the neck and sucks the blood, then neatly slices open the abdomen along one side.
Harris's obsession with monster tracking began in August 2008. Her son and nephew were up late, sitting out in the yard laughing and chatting.
"About 1 a.m. they came running in saying, 'We found something,'" Harris recalled.
She went out with them and was astonished to see a quasi-human-looking footprint 18 inches long and four inches wide. There were two of them, a left and a right, four feet apart.
"I thought, 'Anything with that wide a stance is really big,'" Harris said.
She shooed her family in for the night, but not before taking measurements and photos.
About a week went by before the next encounter. Harris's sister came by at about 10:30 p.m.
"I could hear the dogs going nuts, but not in the usual way when someone comes over," Harris recalled. "You can tell when something is really disturbing your dogs."
Harris and her sister went out to investigate.
"We could hear something ... heavy steps coming toward us," Harris said. "I said, 'Let's climb over the fence.'"
They heard the steps again, and then they saw a shape rise out of the gloom.
"Huge," said Harris. "Very, very hairy ... long dark hair and no neck. Kind of a pointy head. The chest was really wide, very muscular. It dropped down on all fours and started running that way. It was surprisingly fast."
Harris noticed the weeds, which grew almost above her 5-foot-2-inch frame, hit the creature at the waist. She estimated it was about 12 feet tall.
Telling the story to her neighbors, Harris found they had all seen the creature, but didn't want to talk about it.
"Among the Native people, we're told not to talk about things like that," she said. "You just leave it alone. But I was worried about my animals and my kids. I felt like we should be talking about it as a community.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Arizona Glendale ( Police search for " Rape suspect " ) see photo

Glendale police search for suspect or suspects in attack on women at apartment complex

GLENDALE, AZ - Glendale police have released two sketches they say is a suspect or suspects in attacks on two women in the same apartment complex.
According to police, the women were attacked on two different occasions at the complex near 47th and Maryland avenues.
The first incident took place on Wednesday, August 20 just before 1 a.m. as a 20-year-old woman left her apartment to walk a friend to his vehicle.
As she walked back to her apartment, the suspect grabbed her, pulled her down to the gravel landscaping and attempted to sexually assault her.
Police say the woman was able to fight the suspect off and escape. She called her friend and police and the suspect fled on foot through the complex.
Three days later, a 23-year-old female arrived at the apartment parking lot just before 5:30 a.m. after leaving work.
Police say that as the victim walked to her outside stairs she was grabbed from behind and thrown down on the gravel landscaping where the suspect tried to sexually assault her.
The victim began to scream and two men came out of their apartment and chased the suspect off, who fled through the apartment complex on foot.
Police say the description of the suspect in both cases is very similar. He is described as a Hispanic or Native American male, 19 to 25 years old, 5 feet 9 inches to 5 feet 11 inches tall, 160 to 180 pounds with short black hair, possible with short spikes on top.
Glendale police say detectives currently have no leads in the case and are asking for the community’s help to identify the suspect or suspects.
Anyone with information is asked to call the Glendale Police Department at 623-930-3000 or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Indonesia ( Janitor on trial in Jakarta rape case- of kindergartner )

JAKARTA: A closed-door trial began Tuesday for the first of five janitors accused of raping a kindergartner in a bathroom at a prestigious international school in Indonesia that is facing a storm of controversy following more abuse allegations.
An American who taught at the Jakarta International School for 10 years killed himself earlier this year as the FBI was investigating evidence that he sexually abused scores of teen boys while working at 10 schools across four continents.
The custodians contracted to work at the school were arrested in April — five men accused of attacking the boy and a woman accused as an accomplice. Police said one man committed suicide while in custody after drinking bathroom cleanser.
A media horde surrounded Agun Iskandar, 25, as he entered the courtroom. The remaining four suspects were expected to appear in court Wednesday, and the men could face up to 15 years in jail if found guilty. The 6-year-old boy’s parents have sued the school, seeking $125 million in compensation.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Child survives stabbing attack by maid

A seven-year-old child who sustained stab wounds to the neck and hands after being attacked by his African housemaid in Asir is in stable condition.
Miteb Al-Amer, the child’s father, said he never noticed anything unusual about his Ethiopian maid.
Al-Amer said his son, Amer, was playing when the maid suddenly came from behind, put a knife to his neck and tried to slaughter him. 
“His mother and aunt rushed to the room after hearing his sister’s screams, only to find the boy resisting the maid, who froze with the knife in her hand,” he said.
The aunt had carried the victim to a hospital some 34 km from their home with the help of her nephew, who called an ambulance.
They were met by paramedics half way through the journey. 
The boy was taken to the Saudi German Hospital because there were no bed available in Asir Central Hospital. 
Medical personnel operated on the boy to make sure the arteries, veins and vocal cords were not damaged.
The father said his son left the operating room after midnight. The family has been reassured by doctors, but the attending surgeon admitted the boy to the intensive care unit to allow the wound to heal and his condition to improve.
We received word of the incident on Thursday evening, said Ahmad Ibrahim, Asir Red Crescent press spokesman. 
“A rescue team has been immediately dispatched,” he said.
Lt. Col. Abdullah Shathan, spokesman for the hospital, confirmed that the boy is still under observation.
The maid has been arrested and is being interrogated for motive.
Al-Amer said he could not hazard a guess for the motive behind the crime. “This maid was not the first I recruited and I never expected her to do such a thing,” said the father. “We treat her well and give her wages every month.”
The latest incident is one of many attacks perpetrated by housemaids on children left in their care.
Al-Amer called on the Labor and Interior Ministries to intervene and come up with dramatic solutions to spare children from such criminal behavior. 
“Resolving this issue does not lie with citizens. It should be dealt with by higher authorities,” he said.

Israeli airstrike kills mother, 4 children in Gaza

GAZA CITY: An Israeli airstrike killed a mother and four children from the same family in northern Gaza on Sunday, medics said.
The strike hit a home near Jabalia in the north of the Palestinian territory, emergency spokesman Ashraf Al-Qudra said, as Sunday’s death toll in Gaza reached at least 14.
Earlier strikes in the day killed a one-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy, Qudra said. Several other air strikes brought Sunday’s death toll to at least 14 people, including six children.
The conflict, which erupted on July 8 when Israel launched its operation against the besieged coastal territory, has claimed more than 2,100 Palestinian lives and those of 68 Israelis, four of them civilians.
Israel also killed a top Hamas financial official in an air strike on Gaza City.
Mohammed Al-Ghul was an important Hamas actor, Israeli army spokesman Major Arye Shalicar claimed. The airstrike targeted a car in Gaza City, killing Ghul, the army said.
Palestinian medics in Gaza confirmed his death.

UN Warns of Possible Massacre in Shiite Town in Northern Iraq

BAGHDAD – The United Nations secretary-general’s special representative for Iraq on Saturday called for “immediate measures” to avoid the possible massacre of civilians in the town of Amerli, under siege by Sunni militants for two months.

In a statement, Nickolay Mladenov expressed alarm over reports of the “inhuman conditions” being endured by the roughly 18,000 inhabitants of that northern Iraqi town, mainly members of the Shiite Turkmen community.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant considers Shiites, who are the majority in Iraq, to be heretics.

“The situation of the people in Amerli is desperate and demands immediate action to prevent the possible massacre of its citizens,” Mladenov said.

Surrounded by towns and villages already captured by ISIL, Amerli, located 180 kilometers (110 miles) north of Baghdad, is cut off from supplies of food and water.

The envoy urged the Iraqi government to “do all it can” to ensure that Amerli’s residents receive “lifesaving” humanitarian aid or are “evacuated in a dignified manner.”

“Iraq’s allies and the international community should work with the authorities to prevent a human rights tragedy,” he said.

Earlier this month, the United States launched airstrikes to halt the advance of ISIL and facilitate the evacuation of and delivery of aid to a group of Yazidis, who practice an ancient religion that the jihadist group also considers heretical.

Thousands of Yazidis were stranded on a mountain after ISIL drove them from their homes in the northern town of Sinjar, but most were able to flee to safety thanks to the U.S. intervention.

Iraq has been wracked by an armed conflict with sectarian overtones since June, when Sunni insurgents led by ISIL launched an offensive in northern Iraq.

The militants captured Mosul, Iraq’s second city, and have proclaimed a caliphate in the parts of Iraq and neighboring Syria under their control, prompting the mobilization of numerous Shiite militias.

Shiite militiamen opened fire in an Iraqi Sunni mosque during Friday prayers in the eastern province of Diyala, killing some 70 worshippers.

The United Nations condemned the attack and expressed concern about the “impact such acts of sectarian violence will have ... on the political process aimed at establishing a unified government capable of confronting the threat” posed by ISIL.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

WASHINGTON ( China playing " Top Gun " with United States )

Washington Denounces “Dangerous” Encounter Between U.S., Chinese Warplanes

WASHINGTON – The U.S. government said Friday that a Chinese jet fighter carried out dangerous maneuvers near an American Navy aircraft when both planes were flying in international airspace over the South China Sea.

The encounter took place Tuesday as a Navy P-8 Poseidon was flying a routine patrol mission about 135 miles (217 kilometers) east of China’s Hainan Island, the Defense Department spokesman, Rear Adm. John Kirby, told reporters.

The Chinese plane approached the Poseidon three times and the wingtips of the two aircraft were only 20 feet (6 meters) apart at one point, the admiral said.

“The Chinese jet also passed the nose of the P-8 at 90 degrees with its belly toward the P-8 Poseidon, we believe to make a point of showing its weapons load,” Kirby said.

“We have registered our strong concerns to the Chinese about the unsafe and unprofessional intercept, which posed a risk to the safety and the well-being of the air crew, and was inconsistent with customary international law,” the Pentagon spokesman said.

The intercept represents “a deeply concerning provocation,” Ben Rhodes, the White House deputy national security adviser, said Friday during a briefing in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, where President Barack Obama is spending his vacation.

“What we’ve encouraged is constructive military-to-military ties with China, and this kind of action clearly violates the spirit of that engagement,” Rhodes said.

Possible suspect ( In American journalist James Foley homicide )

British rapper L Jinny is a leading suspect in the barbaric beheading of American journalist James Foley.
He recently tweeted a photo of himself holding up a severed head.

Israeli strikes kill family of 5, destroys 2 mosques in Gaza

GAZA CITY, Palestinian Territories: Israeli warplanes pounded Gaza on Saturday, killing five Palestinians from the same family, two of them children, as the war between Israel and Hamas entered a 47th day.
Eighty-one Palestinians and a four-year-old Israeli boy have been killed and nine Israeli civilians wounded since Tuesday, when truce talks collapsed ending nine days of calm.
Israel has vowed no let-up until it can guarantee the safety of its civilians, while Hamas insists that Israel must end its eight-year blockade of the territory as part of any truce.
The Israeli military said it had carried out more than 20 air strikes over the Gaza Strip on Saturday and that at least three rockets or mortar rounds had hit southern Israel.
Witnesses and Palestinian officials said two mosques were destroyed in the Khan Yunis area of southern Gaza, while a third, in the Shati refugee camp, which had already been damaged, was bombed again.
The deadliest Israeli air strike on Saturday levelled a home in Al-Zawayda in central Gaza, killing a couple, their sons aged three and four, and a 45-year-old aunt, medics said.
Another seven Palestinians were wounded in an Israeli strike that struck a house in Zeitun, east of Gaza City, medics said.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed Friday that the army would exact harsh retribution for the killing of a four-year-old child by shrapnel that tore through his home in kibbutz Nahal Oz in southern Israel.
Daniel Tragerman was the first Israeli child killed since the current conflict began on July 8.
srael said militants had fired the deadly mortar round from next to a school in the Zeitun neighborhood of Gaza City.
Netanyahu said “Hamas will pay a heavy price for this attack,” his spokesman Ofir Gendelman said on his Twitter account.
The army and the Shin Bet security agency would “intensify ops against Hamas,” he added.
At least 2,097 Palestinians have been killed since July 8, 70 percent of them civilians, according to the United Nations.
On the Israeli side, 68 people have died, all but four of them soldiers.
It is the deadliest fighting of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since the 2005 end of the second intifada, or uprising.
On Friday, Hamas executed 18 people it accused of collaborating with Israel a day after three of its top commanders were assassinated in Israeli air strikes.
Hamas gunmen grabbed six of them as worshippers left midday prayers at Gaza’s biggest mosque, witnesses told AFP.
Another witness saw 11 people shot dead in a square near the remains of Gaza police headquarters, bombed by Israeli warplanes.
An 18th person was shot in front of bystanders in a separate incident.
The Western-backed Palestinian president and Hamas’s exiled leader urged the United Nations on Friday to draw up a “timetable” for the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories to end, Qatar state media reported.
President Mahmud Abbas and Hamas supremo Khaled Meshaal issued the appeal during talks in Doha, hosted by the Qatari emir, a key backer of the Islamist de facto rulers of Gaza.
The two Palestinian leaders have been holding talks since Thursday, but little has filtered out.
Britain, France and Germany have advanced key points of a new UN Security Council resolution calling for an immediate and sustainable cease-fire, and the lifting of Israel’s blockade.
Diplomats said the text was aimed at advancing efforts to reach agreement within the 15-member council after a draft resolution from Jordan met with resistance from Israel’s US ally.
Washington has wielded its veto powers at the Security Council repeatedly in the past on behalf of Israel, although the now 46-day war has strained relations between the allies.
The new resolution proposes a mechanism to monitor the cease-fire and supervise the movement of goods into Gaza to allay Israeli security concerns.
It also calls for Abbas’s Western-backed Palestinian Authority to take back control of Gaza, seven years after his loyalists were driven out of the territory by Hamas.

Hamas executes collaborators

GAZA CITY: Gaza gunmen killed 18 alleged spies for Israel on Friday, including seven who were lined up behind a mosque with bags over their heads and shot in front of hundreds of people. The killings came in response to Israel’s deadly airstrike against three top Hamas military commanders.
Hamas media said Friday’s shootings signaled the start of a crackdown, under the rallying cry of “choking the necks of the collaborators.” It was the largest number of suspected informers killed by Hamas in a single day since it seized Gaza in 2007.
The Majd website, which is close to the Hamas security services, said suspects would now be dealt with “in the field” rather than in the courts in order to create deterrence.
Hamas said it would not release the names of those killed because it wanted to protect the reputation of their families. 
The Palestinian Center for Human Rights said two of those killed Friday were women. It called for an immediate halt to what it said were “extra-judicial executions.”
The killings came a day after an Israeli airstrike on a house in southern Gaza killed three senior military leaders of Hamas. The three had played a key role in expanding Hamas’ military capabilities, including building a network of attack tunnels into Israel and smuggling weapons.
Earlier in the week, another strike killed the wife and two children of Mohammed Deif, the shadowy leader of the Hamas military wing. Deif’s fate remains unclear.
Friday’s events began with the shooting of 11 alleged informants at the Gaza City police headquarters in the morning. Of the 11, two were women, the Palestinian rights center said.
Later in the day, seven people were killed outside the city’s downtown Al-Omari mosque as worshippers wrapped up noon prayers. Photos from the incident posted on several Palestinian websites showed several hundred people gathered near the scene.
The photos showed masked, black-clad gunmen leading several men with bags over their heads to a wall.
Witness Ayman Sharif, 42, said a piece of paper was affixed to the wall above the head of each of the seven, with his initials and his alleged crime.
Sharif quoted one of the gunmen as saying the seven “had sold their souls to the enemy for a cheap price” and had caused killing and destruction. The commander of the group then gave the order to the others to open fire with their automatic rifles. He said the bodies were collected by an ambulance and the gunmen left.
Friday’s killing marked the third time since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war six weeks ago that Hamas announced the killing of alleged collaborators. On Thursday, Majd said seven people were arrested on suspicion of working with Israel and that three of them were killed. In pinpointing the whereabouts of the Hamas commanders, Israel likely relied to some extent on local informers. Israel has maintained a network of informers despite its withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, at times using blackmail or the lure of exit permits to win cooperation.
Since Israel-Hamas fighting erupted on July 8, at least 2,091 Palestinians have been killed in the coastal territory, according to Gaza health official Ashraf Al-Kidra.
The renewed fighting dashed hopes for a lasting truce. Earlier this week, Hamas rejected an Egyptian truce proposal under which Israel would gradually ease its blockade of Gaza, without giving specific commitments.
Hamas demands a lifting of the border closure imposed by Israel and Egypt after the group’s takeover of the coastal strip in 2007.
Despite the crisis, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met Hamas political chief Khaled Mashaal in Qatar to push Hamas negotiators to return to cease-fire talks, and to encourage Qatar to support Egyptian cease-fire efforts, a Palestinian official said.
Abbas flew to Egypt later Friday to meet with Egyptian intelligence officials to discuss cease-fire efforts, the official added, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss issues related to the negotiations. Abbas is scheduled to meet with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sissi during a three-day visit to Egypt.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

WASHINGTON ( Singer Christina Aguilera Gives Birth to Baby Girl )

WASHINGTON – Singer Christina Aguilera, 33, gave birth to a baby girl who has been named Summer Rain, she said Monday on her Twitter account.

“So proud to welcome our beautiful daughter Summer Rain Rutler into the world,” Aguilera said of her first child with fiance Matthew Rutler, a producer she met on the set of the film “Burlesque” in 2010.

She is now a mother for the second time after having her first child, Max, 6, from a relationship with Jordan Bratman, whom she wed in 2005 and divorced in October 2010.

The singer announced her pregnancy in February in Los Angeles, a few days after the artist confirmed on Twitter her plans to marry Rutler, with whom she became engaged on Valentine’s Day.

The pop star and her fiance had always talked about getting married and raising a family, according to People magazine

LIMA ( Mayor Gunned Down in Peru )

LIMA – Authorities are investigating the murder of the mayor of the central Peruvian municipality of Amarilis, a senior police officer said Friday.

Marzony Vasquez, who was seeking re-election in October, died en route to the hospital Thursday night after two assailants on a motorcycle shot him as he was driving to his home, Col. Juan Albarracin told the media.

On learning of the mayor’s murder, Interior Minister Daniel Urresti traveled to the region to coordinate the investigation.

“We worry that the motive could have been political violence. That is, violence in which other candidates are participating via hired killers,” Urresti said.

“That would be very serious and it is what we want to rule out,” the minister said in comments to reporters.

Vasquez, an accountant by profession, became mayor last November after the removal of his predecessor, Ricardo Moreyra.

A previous mayor of Amarilis, Cesar Martinez, was killed in office in 2005, Lima daily El Comercio said in its online edition.

LA PAZ ( More Than 300,000 Abandoned Dogs Live on Streets of Bolivia )

LA PAZ – More than 300,000 abandoned dogs live on the streets of Bolivia, a country of 10 million inhabitants, officials said.

The expert in animal-transmitted infections at the Bolivian Health Ministry, Grover Paredes, said in a statement to state news agency ABI that there are 300,000 stray dogs in the country and urged that the “indiscriminate sale” of animals be controlled to put an end to that situation.

The official issued his statement on the eve of “Day of the Dog,” which is held every Aug. 16 in Bolivia in honor of St. Roch, their patron saint.

According to Paredes, in Bolivia there are also another 2.5 million canines that have owners.

The official finds the situation of dogs exposed to the elements without shelter “worrying,” because they go hungry, suffer through the bad weather and contract illnesses like rabies.

“The municipalities have to impose regulations so those people (street vendors) stop selling dogs,” he said.

The packs of dogs that wander the streets and feed on whatever they find in the garbage are a typical sight in Bolivian cities like La Paz, though the dogs are not usually aggressive toward people.

In Bolivia it is also a common practice for domestic dogs to spend the day on the street and return home to their owners at night to eat and sleep.

Mexico ( Tourist Town in Central Mexico Plagued by Kidnappings, Officials Say)

MEXICO CITY – At least seven people have been kidnapped in Valle de Bravo, a popular tourist town in central Mexico, with three of the victims already released, state officials said Tuesday.

Three kidnappings have been reported in recent days, Mexico state Government Secretary Jose Manzur said.

The victim was rescued and three suspects were arrested in the first case, Manzur said.

Of the other “six victims, two have been freed,” while the other four “are in the hands of the kidnappers,” Manzur told Radio Formula.

“Certainly, we will have good news in the next few hours,” Manzur said.

The kidnappings are being carried out by two gangs operating in Valle de Bravo, a mountain town of about 60,000 located some 150 kilometers (93 miles) southwest of Mexico City, Manzur said.

The members of one gang are in jail and once the other gang’s members are “behind bars, the matter of Valle de Bravo will be resolved,” Manzur said.

The government of Mexico state, which surrounds the Federal District and forms part of the Mexico City metropolitan area, has responded to the wave of kidnappings by launching a special operation and deploying more police officers in the town.

“It is essential that there be peace in Valle de Bravo” so tourists will visit the area “in total tranquility,” Manzur said.

Fifteen kidnappings have been carried out in Valle de Bravo in the past month, with victims blaming drug traffickers from other states for the abductions, the non-governmental organization Alto al Secuestro said.

Mexico state registered the most kidnappings in Mexico in July, with 40 cases, followed by Tamaulipas, with 32, Guerrero, with 20, the Federal District, with 17, and Morelos, with 15.

A total of 4,809 kidnappings occurred in Mexico between Dec. 1, 2012, when President Enrique Peña Nieto’s term began, and July 31, or about one every three hours, said Alto al Secuestro, an organization founded by anti-kidnapping activist Isabel Miranda de Wallace.

Official figures show that 2,634 kidnappings occurred between Dec. 1, 2012, and June 30, 2014, well below the number arrived at by Alto al Secuestro.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mexico ( man killed while repairing truck )

VILLAGRÁN, Guanajuato.- A man of about 70 years he was shot to death while repairing a van near the downtown area. So far the origin of the attack and the identity of the attackers or unknown.

Around 14:20 am on Saturday, elements of various corporations Police and paramedics, they went to the corner that make up the Central Railroad Avenue and Pípila as through a call to the 066 emergency system, reported the existence of a seriously injured person, after being the subject of a shooting attack. arrival, and pulled off to the shop "Vinos La Esperanza", agents found the body of a man about 70, who had at least one gunshot wound to the height of the skull, which remained at a same side of a Ford truck type RAM, navy blue, with plates GM84377.

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Iran ( Iranian Lesbian: We Are The Denied Identity )

Posted on: 7th March, 2014                         


Samira, an Iranian lesbian Samira, an Iranian lesbian
As a part of women’s community, the Iranian lesbian community faces problems twice more than other women in Iran. For 8 March, International Women’s Day, we have prepared an interview with an Iranian lesbian who is also active in LGBT rights.

*Please introduce yourself and give us a summary of your activities.
My name is Samira, an Iranian Lesbian. Because of lack of support by my family and other issues in the society, I was forced to leave Iran. I am a member of IRQO (Iranian Queer Organization), for now, I am active in LGBT issues and defending LGBT rights, doing researchers to finally improve the awareness of people with cooperation of my friends.
*Dear Samira, why you were forced to leave Iran? What were your problems in Iran? Was it the only solution to leave Iran?
As I mentioned, lack of support by family, problems in the society, by government and people, these are parts of issues that forced me to leave Iran. As you know, Iranian society is Masculism, and being a woman by itself, does not make you have enough civil rights, now imagine a woman who is a lesbian in this society. After many years of being aware of my orientation, I was forced to play a role, always I was forced to reject myself and wear a mask [of a woman who is not lesbian] in favor of my family and society. But it wasn’t me and my “real self” was oppressed. Regarding the last part of your question, I think abandoning and leaving is better than staying and sufferings in humiliation.
*Suppose the family as a small part of society, were you successful in educating your family about your desired issues? What was their reaction?
I tried in many ways, both directly and indirectly, by talking, showing documents, magazines and essays of homosexuals. But the reaction was always not to hear and pretending that this issue does not exist.
*Did you try to change the situation in favor of yourself in Iran? What was the reaction of street women to you?
Unfortunately no because of the fear of everything I couldn’t act or do any awareness in this issue. But I had some friends who I told them about it, they had a very bad reaction and even made me humiliated. But I tried to explain for them that I or any lesbian is not what you think. I always tried to behave like a homosexual, but the only result for me was depression.
*As an Iranian lesbian, how you explain the problems of this part of Iranian women’s society?
The government of Iran emphasizes the forbidding homosexuality by issuing severe sentences and punishments and also giving medical permission for sex-change to hide this issue in the society. In one sentence, we are always the denied identity. I have had [homosexual] friends who had faced misbehavior and discrimination such as being raped in custody, arrested in parties, deprived of education and work.

Mexico ( Mexican Mayor Accused of Homicide )

MORELIA, Mexico – The mayor of the western Mexican town of Huetamo was arrested on charges of homicide and extortion, the Michoacan state Attorney General’s Office said Thursday.

Dalia Santana Pineda was being questioned by AG’s office investigators in Morelia, the state capital, according to an official statement.

Elected mayor in 2011, Santana belongs to Mexico’s ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

Authorities apparently suspect her of ties to Los Caballeros Templarios (Knights Templar), the drug cartel that has been terrorizing Michoacan for the last few years.

She is the state’s fourth mayor to be arrested this year on suspicion of colluding with the Templarios.

Two of the other three are PRI members, while the third, Mayor Arquimides Oseguera Solorio of the port city of Lazaro Cardenas, is affiliated with the leftist PRD.

Oseguera was detained after being seen in a video with Templarios boss Servando Gomez Martinez.

Santana is a political ally of Huetamo native Jesus Reyna Garcia, who served as interim governor of Michoacan for much of 2013 and is likewise behind bars for alleged links to the Templarios.

Rodrigo Vallejo, son of erstwhile Michoacan Gov. Fausto Vallejo, was jailed last week after he refused to answer questions from prosecutors about his own videotaped encounter with the Templarios’ Gomez Martinez.

The ailing Fausto Vallejo resigned as governor in June amid a storm of criticism after the federal government deployed soldiers and police in Michoacan in January to end the wave of drug-related violence in the state.

The federal government intervened in Michoacan to fill a security vacuum in the state, where community self-defense groups had formed to defend themselves against the Templarios cartel.

Since January, federal authorities have dealt the cartel a series of blows, capturing or killing several of its top leaders.

LAGOS ( Dozens of Youths Reported Kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria )

LAGOS – Around 100 youths have been kidnapped by suspected members of the radical Islamic militia Boko Haram in the northern Nigerian state of Borno, where four months ago the group abducted more than 200 girls, media reported Friday.

The kidnapping occurred last Sunday when gunmen stormed the Doron Baga community in an attack that also killed at least 10 people, witnesses quoted by the Nigerian newspaper The Punch said.

A witness, whose husband died in the attack, told the newspaper that gunmen attacked the village and kidnapped some 100 youths, prompting many residents to flee.

However, the kidnapping has not been confirmed by Nigerian authorities, who are still unaware of the whereabouts of the more than 200 girls abducted by the same group on April 14.

The extremist Islamic group claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of the girls and threatened to sell them if authorities did not release “terrorist” prisoners.

Borno is considered to be Boko Haram’s spiritual stronghold and the base of its operations, but the extremists are also active in the neighboring states of Adamawa and Yobe, where the Nigerian government has declared a state of emergency.

Since the killing of its founder, Mohamed Yusuf, in 2009 by police forces, Boko Haram has staged a bloody campaign that has claimed nearly 12,000 lives according to Government estimates.

Boko Haram, which in local language means “non-Islamic education is a sin,” is fighting to impose an Islamic state in Nigeria, a country with a Muslim majority in the north and a predominantly Christian population in the south.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WASHINGTON ( Number of Children Caught Crossing U.S. Border Drops ) haha

WASHINGTON – The number of unaccompanied undocumented children apprehended on the southern border of the United States dropped in July to 5,508, compared with more than 10,000 in both May and June, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said.

DHS said it was the first time this year that the number has been lower than in the previous month.

“While the decrease in apprehensions in July is good news and reflects a positive trend that we hope continues, the current numbers are still higher than the number of apprehensions for children and adults with children during past years,” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said.

Since October, almost 63,000 children, most of them from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, have been caught trying to cross unaccompanied into the U.S., which has caused a humanitarian crisis beyond federal agencies’ capacity to deal with it.

The number of minors taken into custody was 7,176 in March, 7,702 in April, 10,579 in May, and 10,628 in June, according to DHS figures.

Johnson repeated the message of the U.S. government that “our border is not open to illegal migration.”

“Unless you qualify for some form of humanitarian relief, we will send you back consistent with our laws and values,” the secretary said.

President Barack Obama asked Congress for $3.7 billion in special funds to manage the situation, but lawmakers departed for their summer recess without approving the financing.

“I was disappointed that Congress left for its August recess without acting on the President’s request for supplemental funding to support the men and women of this department who have worked overtime to respond to the urgent situation,” Johnson said.

“In the meantime, to avoid running out of money, I have been left with no choice but to reprogram money away from other homeland security missions,” he said.

DHS is diverting $405 million from other tasks “to support the response to this situation,” the secretary said.