Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Don't run your mouth if you can't fight

Ice Cream Sandwich (Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby Parody)

Return Of The Slim Jim Thief

Shot's fired at wedding? (wtf) NEW Video 2017

Brawl In A Barber Shop In Melbourne

Barbershop fight #8

Orange Juice Thief

Good Samaritan Award #2

Slim Jim Thief

NutriGrain Bar Thief

Mailman gets into fight 4 on 1

Girl hood fight 2017

Chick fight #14

Shower cap fight (hood)

Two ladies fight at Walmart (new)

Monday, October 30, 2017

McDonald's Fight (Or flogging video ) # 1 Video

chuck e cheese pizza fight 2017

Priest throwing punches 2017 (New)

Priest Punched During Mass 2017

Fight with Priest

Elevator Diarrhea Incident

Woman Caught 'Squirting' Shit in Public - X rated

Woman shits on Jack in the Box floor 2017

Penn station fight

Fight at LA County Fair 2017

Brawl at Wendy's

Davis high school fight

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Black Women..Snatches Up Cashier Over Counter For Disrespecting Her

Lady Goes Crazy at Sea World

Crazy Cat Lady

Old lady Goes Crazy On WestCide

Kahuku scraps


Dude gets slap hard

Girl vs Hawaiian beat down (plus music beat)

Lahainaluna Scraps 😂2017

The Smart thief in the world

Security camera catches thief swiping elderly woman's purse

Man gives cheating girlfriend a birthday surprise all her belongings

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Hood girls scrap #12

Scraps Girl Fight #2

2 girls scrap in the hood

Girls scrap at school 😱 2017

Girl fight with a music beat

Girl scrap-Teachers break it up

Nanakuli girl fights

Waianae girls scraping with music

GIRLS FIGHTING Wild scrap between Aussie and Abo,riginal Girl

Hawaii Girl Scrap 2017

Girl scraps 2017

808 scraps

Mom breaks up fight


Package Thief Caught

Crazy hong kong woman yelling at hong kong policeman.

The Ice Man takes a cold dip

idiot swims in dangerous himalayan glacial lake

Crazy Lady Pissed Off in Best Buy

Crazy lady at truck stop

Friday, October 27, 2017


Angry Barber Slaps His Client


Just pay the barber

Husband’s Hidden Cameras Shows His Housekeeper Wasn’t Stealing, But

Massive Wallmart Fight in New Jersey, USA

A fight inside McDonalds on Labor Day

Iranian Police Campaign

Iranian girls in street fight 2017

Kid gets arrested from high school fight 2017

Dog attacks woman ( her dog saves her)

Crazy drug woman (want's a dime bag?) 😐😐

Village fighting #5

Wal-Mart manager loses control


Thursday, October 26, 2017


Candlestick Park armed security guard fight June 29 2017

Fight no punch landed ?

High school brawl 2017

school fight boy hits girl #8

Cimarron fight 2017

Pakistani Women Fighting in A Wedding

Hood fight over baby daddy

White girl jumped in woods fight ?

Bathroom chick fight

Shocking Racist Rant of Woman

Woman Performs A CITIZENS ARREST On Mexican Family

Walmart catfight 2017

Racist Walmart Shopper Goes Off

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Crazy Lady Goes Off In Little Caesars!

CAUGHT Someone spying on Neighbors!!?

Crazy Lady Threatens Me at Bus Stop!!!

Crazy Lady In Florida

Crazy, rude, and racist woman

KFC at its top. Staff also joined 😃😃😃

Girl fight !! Epic

Bostrom high school fight wait until the end for flops😂😂

Funniest slap boxing pt.4

FIGHT IN THE WOODS (stick to fishing)

high school fight 2017

Las Vegas high school fight

Azalea school fight


Crazy ex-girlfriend WARNING-

My sister fighting my ex

Ex fights

Wife calls sidechick, what happens next is epic.

Two robbers were shot dead during burglary banks

Guy drives off with boot

Teachers beat up each other in Dera Bassi 2017

Garbage men fighting for 20 Jamaican dollars

garbage man fighting

Garbage Men Take Revenge On A Motorist Who Blocked Their Path

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

What happens when you disrespect the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Don't Mess With This Teacher!

Crazy lady at white castle

Eagles fan gets knocked out by Cowboys fan

Village fight #6

Racist White Walmart Employees goes on rant

Don't run your mouth

School Fight #12

711 arab cashier argues with russian

Parking spot fight

Crazy Person Destroys Car

Road rage fight #2

High School fight #20 2017

Psycho Old Man Smashes Windows Out With Baton

Hood barbershop fight #4

Fight at the barbershop !!! #3

Barbershop Fights on Allerton

Dude gets knocked out

Jealous BabyMama VS. New Girlfriend

Side chick who is now the main chick pulls gun

Monday, October 23, 2017

Police slapped minister in public in Maharashtra

Pakistani Female journalist slapped by police man!


Crazy lady gets rejected from flight -

2 High School teachers fight?

High School fight #16

Morgan park HS Fight 👊

Cy-Ranch Fight

Lady Goes Crazy Waving A Knife And Headbutting The Windows Of A Truck!

High school fight pt.2

Two Dads Get In a Bloody Brawl Over Daughter's Softball Game

Bathroom fight #11

Cyclist Girl Gets Sweet Revenge On Catcalling van Drivers (KARMA!)

Bus fight round #2

Caught girlfriend cheating

mcdonalds worker gets sweet revenge on customers (Wow)

DuVal High School fight 2017

Young boy taught lesson by old woman

India boy vs. white dude

Bathroom hair fight #6

Village fight #2

Village girl fight

Pakistani Women Fight

Fight between Indian & Pakistani

Last day of school fight 2017

First day at school fight

Girl fights #6

Girls Cat fight #5

High Schools best cat 🐱 fight

Sunday, October 22, 2017

China: Students Beat Up Their Teacher

Teacher beat by student in college

Teacher flogging students

Chick fight #13

Chick bathroom fight #7

Chick fight #12

Clerk Knocks Out Armed Robber

NASCAR Fan Fights

Pizza Slap Fight

Gino's pizza fight happens

Fight over pizza in bc Canada

Tough Guys Pick a Fight With The Wrong Person

Girl beats disabled girl ? (WRONG) NEW RELEASE ALERT!

Lady with no legs get's in fight to help?

Wheel chair fight on bus

Wheel chair fight 7/11

Free knockouts at 7/11

Chaos in 7-11

Taco shop fight

White girl in taco shop

Senior citizens fight 85 views

Elderly women fighting and dog

Old Men Fight 😎😎

HOA fight man slapped and punched

HOA- fight neighbors

Crazy lady threatens to smash windshield

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Carroll High School Fight !! 😂😂


Girl get's jumped

Girl Gets jumped for bullying at school again!

Guy knocks girl out then gets jumped!! 2017

3 girls beat kid for stealing

Indoor Soccer Player Viciously Kicks Girl in Neck


Man hits woman

Pants fall down ?

Girl sets man's motorbike on fire for ( sexual harassment.)

India - man beat for cheating on GF in public

India - terrorist beat by crowd

Girl beats BF -India

Girl beat man -India 2017

Side Chick Crashes The Wedding & Spills The Tea In Front Of Everybody!

husband wife fight on road # 3

Husband Wife Fight on the Road #2

Wife & husband fight in the road

Downtown boston fight

Norton St Fight pt2

Small Asian chick fight

Asian chick fight #5

Golden Park Chick Fight

Chick fight #9

Girls see ghost and run

Ghost girl in mirror

Scary woman at midnight on the road

Crazy Woman Hassles Reporter

Interrupted by hot crazy woman

Crazy lady thrown in pool?

Strip club fight #2

Strip club fight,..

Tot vs nature. Columbus girl fight.

Fee Fee vs somebody. Columbus girl fight

Ronequa vs Stanaya. Columbus girl fight. 2017

Nay nay vs donteja & Jue vs tyonica. Columbus girl fight

Crazy feminist accusing US Postal Service man of stalking her

Insane woman assaults legal ebike rider for riding on public path

Man stalks perv (stalker patrol)

Girl love video

Man leaves bait package ...🤣🤣🤣

Friday, October 20, 2017

Store Manager gets in a fight with a customer!

Fight At The 99 Cents Store Today! (4-22-2017)

Ghetto family Dollar part #2

New York chick fight

A Fight Starts Over Spaghetti On NYC Subway

Thots fighting on CTA bus

Bus Conductor breaks Leg in a fight. - July 2017

Fight train almost ran dude over 2017

Chick train fight 2017

White chick fight #6

Chick fight at the park

Angry Taco Bell customer

Guy With Camera Teaches Cop A Lesson