Jonah Shacknai used to tell his ex-wife Dina all the time "I can choke and kill you and get away with it" Since the death of his beloved girlfriend he has yet to say one "loving" thing about her. He has tried to send his lawyers after his girlfriend's family just because they wanted the truth. Now Jonah Shacknai is asking California Attorney General Harris to REVIEW and certify this was in fact a suicide. Jonah Shacknai is not asking the case be RE-OPENED, he is hiding something or someone. If Sheriff Gore really wanted new evidence I would say Jonah Shacknai's behavior is glaring. Only the killer of this woman would be acting like this. It has now been confirmed he was not at his son's side as we were once told. His brother texted him his girlfriend hung herself and Jonah didn't even call back. How much proof do you need? FBI please look at this case!