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Mexico ( Five Farmworkers tortured and Killed in Western Mexico )

MORELIA, Mexico – The bodies of five Mexican farm laborers were found dead of gunshot wounds inside a vehicle in the western state of Michoacan, authorities said.

The laborers were found on the side of a road linking the town of La Piedad with the city of Guadalajara, capital of the neighboring state of Jalisco, the Michoacan state Attorney General’s Office told Efe.

The bodies, which bore signs of torture, were found Tuesday inside a Chevrolet, while another abandoned vehicle was discovered nearby.

The five men were identified as farmworkers and natives and residents of the southern state of Guerrero, authorities said.

The grisly find comes amid a wave of violence in recent days in Michoacan, where suspected drug traffickers have clashed since last weekend with federal troops and members of community police forces.

Vast areas of Michoacan are under the control of the Los Caballeros Templarios (The Knights Templar) cartel, a gang that originated in December 2010 as a faction of the La Familia Michoacana criminal organization.

Michoacan is home to remote mountainous regions that are ideal locations for the production of natural and synthetic drugs.

Cocaine shipments from South America and synthetic-drug precursor chemicals from Asia also are smuggled into Mexico via Michoacan’s more than 270-kilometer (170-mile) Pacific coastline, authorities say.

Smoking News ( A young man shows a different way of smoking ) Hmm

A young man shows a different way of smoking. The first man smokes at a table and then makes an unexpected move that leaves more of a surprise. (Hmm)

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Mexico ( A man was shot to death at the top of the colony Providence )

A man was shot to death at the top of the colony Providence .Residents of the area reported to the authorities that they heard shots fired about  at two in the afternoon.The authorities found the victim , about 35 years old with multiple gunshot wounds.

 They found two pink cardboards with individual messages, that stated " we do not want rats or kidnappers".Note that these messages are similar to those found  on a windshield of a taxi , whose driver was executed with a bullet to the head.Regarding the  execution on Tank Avenue in the Providence colony , they found 14 bullet casings 9mm and five Super 38 .The subject performed wearing bermuda beige, white shirt and wore moccasins shoes -white and blue socks typeRead more: http://www.elblogdelnarco.net/2013/10/no-queremos-ratas-ni-secuestradores-att.html # ixzz2jGjMpZErFollow us : @ MundoNarco on Twitter

Walking News ( We must learn to walk before we can run )


Mexico ( Police Chief Gunned Down in Central Mexico - Wife's life was spared )

MEXICO CITY – The police chief of Aquismon, a city in the central Mexican state of San Luis Potosi, was murdered by gunmen, prosecutors said.

Adolfo Bueno Bautista was killed on Monday, the San Luis Potosi Attorney General’s Office said in a statement.

The police chief and his wife were attacked as they were driving out of the city of Valles toward Tamazunchale, the AG’s office said.

Investigators have determined that four gunmen in a white pick-up truck caught up to the police chief’s automobile and opened fire, the AG’s office said.

Bueno Bautista was pronounced dead at the scene, but his wife was not hurt.

The gunmen drove in the direction of Ciudad Valles after the attack, eyewitnesses said.

Investigators found 14 7.62 mm bullet casings from AK-47 assault rifles at the crime scene, the AG’s office said.

State and municipal police launched an operation to find the gunmen, the AG’s office said.

The investigation is ongoing and officials plan “to review the security cameras in the city,” the AG’s office said.

MEXICO ( 5 Alleged Cartel Members Killed by Michoacan Citizen Vigilantes ) Walking Tall

Published at 6:59 pm EST, October 28, 2013

MEXICO: Alleged Drug Traffickers Killed by Michoacan Vigilantes
Photo: Alleged Drug Traffickers Killed by Michoacan Vigilantes
Five suspected members of the Los Caballeros Templarios drug cartel were gunned down over the weekend by vigilantes in the western Mexican state of Michoacan, prosecutors said.
The cartel gunmen were killed in a shootout around noon Sunday with armed civilians in the city of Aguililla.
Aguililla is near Apatzingan, the main area of operations of the Caballeros Templarios.
The shootout occurred hours after suspected drug traffickers opened fire and threw homemade bombs at 18 electric substations and five service stations in Michoacan.
The attacks were apparently staged by gunmen on the payroll of the Caballeros Templarios, a gang that broke off from the Familia Michoacana criminal organization in December 2010, a Michoacan government official said.
The attacks were carried out nearly simultaneously early Sunday shortly after members of community self-defense groups tried to expel the drug traffickers from Apatzingan, the Michoacan Attorney General’s Office said.
The cartel gunmen used assault rifles, pistols and homemade bombs to attack the electric substations belonging to the Federal Electricity Commission, or CFE, which provides power to states in central and western Mexico.
The Caballeros Templarios cartel operates in Michoacan and the Tierra Caliente region, which straddles Michoacan, Guerrero and Mexico states.
The cartel deals in both synthetic drugs and natural drugs, and it commits murders, stages kidnappings and runs extortion rackets that target business owners and transport companies, affecting everyday life.
Michoacan’s forests and mountains are used by drug traffickers to grow marijuana and produce synthetic drugs.

Mexico ( The story behind the Cop having Sex outside the Prison )

Blog del Narco- Policeman Sacked for Having Sex on the Job
Photo: Officer Sacked
A young woman, dressed in denim shorts and blue blouse, left her home, located a short distance from the prison and met one of the officers of the van number 2037 of the police unit’s official vehicle on the south side of the Meridano prison. The van was parked near the front door, and under surveillance, around 16:00 pm on Wednesday October 23 this year.
For several minutes the officer and his partner were video taped at the site and were seen by many people, one of who took a video of the “activities” of the officers. The officer got out of the van and first spoke to the woman, sitting on the rear fender of the vehicle. The other policeman, according to witnesses, was left inside the cab of the truck. Next the officer took off his belt, which carried his gun and put it in the truck.
Later there was a sexual encounter with the girl. “Look, see how our tax money work,” was the comment when recording the incident. The tape was provided to a representative of Megamedia Group.The Media Corporation reported that they received the video in which a officer is shown in the company of a woman performing immoral acts.  The Department of Internal Affairs opened a investigation and identified the Third Police Ucán David Raymundo Vazquez, 31 years old, with eight years of service.  It turned over the case to the Honor and Justice Commission of the Secretariat who also made disposition of the Third Police Commission Benjamin Gaspar Sanchez, who was responsible for the official unit.  The officer was immediately fired.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Colorado ( Attempt Child abduction suspect - 8 yr old girl fights back ) update suspect arrested

This artist's sketch provided by the Aurora Police Department shows a drawing of a suspect that authorities are offering a $10,000 reward for information that could help them find the man who reportedly tried to kidnap an 8-year-old girl from her bedroom in suburban Denver. Police say the girl screamed for help shortly after midnight Monday Oct. 28, 2013, and her father ran outside the family's Aurora home and found her in an alley. (AP Photo/Aurora Police Department)

AURORA, Colo. (AP) — Police were searching Tuesday for a man who tried to kidnap an 8-year-old girl from her bedroom in the middle of the night by slashing an outdoor screen and dragging her into an alley.
Investigators say the girl screamed for help early Monday morning and was able to get away from the abductor just as her father ran outside to help her. The father told police he saw the suspect speed away in the alley that runs behind their house. Police Chief Dan Oates said the girl's loud struggle to escape may have saved her life.
Oates said there is no indication the family was targeted and police are treating the case as an attempted stranger abduction, a rare crime. Investigators are studying surveillance videos of businesses, searching sex offender databases and also checking on whether there have been any other similar incidents elsewhere in the Denver area.
"We think there's a predator out there. And he has to be caught, and he has to be stopped," Oates said in announcing a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect.
He said the girl talked to the man, but he wouldn't elaborate.
The girl's grandmother, Beatrice Padilla, told The Denver Post (http://bit.ly/1auOOiB ) the girl was doing her homework in her bunk bed in her first-floor bedroom just after midnight when the suspect entered and covered the girl's mouth with his hand. She said another child was in the room but asleep at the time.
Oates said it's likely the suspect saw the light on and had been watching the girl.
The home is in a residential neighborhood just outside Denver made up of a mix of single-family dwellings and apartments. The alley behind the house is near three apartment complexes used by residents to access parking.
The suspect is described as a blond man, wearing a black winter jacket with a strong odor of cigarette smoke. The girl's father said he was driving a silver or grey BMW sedan.Neighbor Lawrence Chambers said the news was disturbing."I want to tell my neighbors: Protect your kids," he said.

Mexico ( Horrendous Murder - Young woman found Tortured and Killed )

On one side of the train tracks on a dirt road in the municipality of Ecatepec , the body of a burnt woman was found.

The body was abandoned less than 50 meters from dwellings that is located in the Arno Valley Avenue , near the corner of Calle Sikiang . Despite the loneliness of the place , the inhabitants of the colony Aragón Valley third section ,discovered the body on one side of the brush.

As they approached it ,they verified that it was a woman , so they called the local police . Uniformed officers came to the site to confirm the statements made ​​by the neighbors.
The victim, aged between 25 and 30 years - she was half-naked and with legs and chest burned. From the waist to the neck was wrapped in plastic and part of it was consumed by flames.While her right arm was broken the police saw that she was apparently doused with acid said uniformed officers Ecatepec .The victim had no injuries made ​​by gunshot or stab wounds, but had bruises in different parts of the body and allegedly showed signs of having been sexually assaulted .There was a red dress and black stockings at the crime scene.The body was transferred to the Attorney General of St. Augustine, where yesterday the woman was still unknown as , she had no identification.Read more: http://www.elblogdelnarco.net/2013/10/mujer-asesinada-y-semicalcinada-en.html # ixzz2j8EoqRCqFollow us : @ MundoNarco on Twitter

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Mexico ( Police Officer Ambushed and killed " In the Line of Duty " )

The police of the Ministry of Public Safety, Issac Martinez Maya , was shot dead in Cuajimalpa , after being chased along with his " partner " aboard a patrol car. Those responsible were followed from the municipality of Cuautitlan Izcalli , State of Mexico .

While the assailants escaped on board a black Jeep truck, the police escort the deceased, Enrique Sanchez, was transferred to the ministry of the prosecution authorities of the Attorney Cuajimalpa capital in order to make a statement around the events .According to the first investigations of the Attorney General of the Federal District , around 12:00 hours , the police of the Ministry of Public Safety of the State of Mexico , Enrique Maya Issac Martinez Sanchez, began to be chased on board patrol State Police L - 2705 by several men riding a black Jeep with no license plates .They reached the intersection of Jose Maria Castorena and San José de los Cedros , one of the officers got out of the Unit when the assailants shot him repeatedly, while his companion remained on patrol .
Within minutes , Red Cross workers arrived and certified  the policeman's death , 45 years old , Issac Martinez Maya , whose body was taken to the amphitheater Territorial Coordination CUJ -1 , where they continue to research , why he was the only officer shot and killed .Read more: http://www.elblogdelnarco.net/2013/10/un-policia-fue-ejecutado-balazos-luego.html # ixzz2j2TDF2lWFollow us : @ MundoNarco on Twitter

Mexico ( Police Officer " Busted having Sex on Duty " see video ) Breaking News Merida

Iran ( Rally Nov 4th “Grand Day of Death to America,” ) Matthew 5 :39 Turn to them the other cheek

Militant factions in Iran are reportedly planning a sweeping rally titled, “Grand Day of Death to America,” to coincide with the 24th anniversary of the storming of the U.S. Embassy there.
According to The National, Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri is saying the planned Nov. 4 convocation outside the long-shuttered and now-graffiti-covered diplomatic institution in the capitol city of Tehran will be organized by a newly created bureaucratic body called the “Death to the U.S. Committee.”

“The crimes of U.S. leaders and international Zionism in dealing with Iran’s great nation will never be erased from public memories and minds,” reportedly noted Jazayeri, the deputy commander for cultural affairs of Iran’s hard-line and influential Revolutionary Guard.
And the event will not be without events to occupy a crowd officials promise will number in the many thousands.
The New York Times reports the rally will include the conferral of, “The First Major International Award of ‘Down With America’” for best anti-American photograph, poster, video, song or caricature.
The paper additionally writes contest winners will receive cash awards of as much as $4,000, and be selected by a three-judge panel that notably includes Maziar Bijani, a Holocaust-denying cartoonist.
Both The National – and The Times – write hard-line elements within the Iranian state, and its theocratic regime, are paying particular attention to this year’s annual anniversary of the embassy attack in light of recent overtures made to the west by the nation's comparatively dovish newly elected president Hassan Rouhani.
Specifically, Rouhani spoke by phone with President Barack Obama during this year's U.N. General Assembly, and both nations are part of ongoing, multilateral nuclear arms negotiations in Switzerland.
“There are elements in Iran who believe the (“Death to America”) chant and what it represents – a call for an end to imperialism and U.S. hegemony rather than death to Americans – is crucial to the maintenance of the revolutionary spirit,” Hooman Majd, a New York-based Iranian-American author told The National. “They believe without it and the animus against the U.S., the revolution will crumble.”
The Times reports some Iranians – of late – have mandated the age-old “Death to America” slogan be shouted at all public events, and last week, members of the nation's parliament even employed it during one of their sessions.

Iran ( Iranian regime installs new dangerous cellular phone jamming devices inside prison ) ?????

NCRI - In a bid to prevent any information leak from inside prisons in Iran, the Iranian regime has installed new strong cellular phone jamming devices in a number of prisons in Iran.
The Authorities in Rajaei Shahr prison located in Karaj have installed the new jamming devices in at least two wards causing health issues for prisoners.
In addition to jamming the telephone communication lines, the devices have caused illnesses including severe headaches, dizziness, according to the prisoners.
Political prisoners in Iran regularly send pictures, news and information outside prison to be distributed on Internet.

Iran ( 170 workers laid off Zagros Iron Factory - Protest in Tehran )

October 26: More than 170 laid-off workers of Zagros Iron factory went to Tehran and staged protest outside the regime’s parliament against negligence of government authorities to follow on their problems. 
On July 17, officials in the parliament had given workers guarantee to return them back to work and pay their delayed wages. However, nothing has been done after three months.
October 24 and 25: Thousands of people in the city of Ahvaz staged protest and formed the second human chain near Karun River against the regime's plans to divert the river water to central Iran and it becoming dry. The protesters held placards that read, “Karun is for Khuzestan”, “we will save Karun”, “I am a farmer and I will not give one drop of the water”, “you can take my breath but not Karun” and “oil is gone! We will not let Karun go.”
The first human chain was formed on October 16.
October 22: Students at Hijab Girl School near the city of Shahr-e Kord protested towards the lack of education facilities in this school.
This school is deprived of the most rudimentary education and recreational facilities including white board, marker, copy machine, printer, heating system for winter and door and window frame.
October 22: Farmers of Tangestan City in the province of Bushehr gathered outside the governor’s building to protest government officials’ failure to give fuel and budget for building damp, to the farmers and illegal sales of extra water.
October 22: Permanent customers of telephone in South of Tehran gathered outside the communication building to protest an increase in telephone bill. They claimed that the bill had doubled the price before.
October 22: Retired workers of Isfahan’s iron melting factory protest are still continuing. They have been demanding 2-months unpaid wages.
October 21: Residents of Kan district in Tehran gathered outside the mayor’s office and protested against regime’s negligence to repair the roads and illegal construction of buildings.
October 21: More than 60 contract teachers in the city of Kermanshah protested outside the education ministry for not being hired officially and their working condition.
October 20: People in the city of Roodan, Hormozgan Province staged protest in the main city square against the separation of parts of this province. Security forces raided the protest and arrested several youths.

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Thailand ( Elephant Ride Goes " Wrong " Love is in the Air )

Migraine Today ( Advil Migraine Is Clinically Proven To Relieve Migraine Pain )


Mexico ( Facebook article - Children playing "Hitmen in Mexico " )

Valentine is 11 years old ,who comes the city rarámuri Cuauhtémoc. He is a child selling candy in the streets in the center of that town. His father  works in the hint of apple while his mother called Lucia  does not work . He has four brothers , but his older sister named Brenda , is who sends the candy to sell.

The child said that all the money is his sister's because she is the one who cares , that's why he asked her to buy him a toy. He asked for a small plastic pistol that cost 5 pesos , " Why a pistol and no ball"? He replied " I like killing like you do ", you make it great !. 
In Facebook mainly they circulate images of children playing as hitmen . Of those games were known as police and thief, now often in children's voice " to bully bully " , as discussed in publications of an alarming picture , where two minors point at the head of a child while crying . Where parents also play with the innocence of small and ask them posing with toy guns or actual and / or point to lower the gun.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mexico ( Employee falls and grabs line and gets " Electric Shock " ) See story

While he was working on a post of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), an employee of the same company ended up falling after apparently received an electric shock as paramedics said.

The subject of 54 years old was lying on the pavement of the intersection of 54th Street and Benitez. Place where he was given first aid and then taken to a hospital.
According to the report, the man checked the facilities at the post when suddenly the seat belt  fastened slipped, causing the subject  to touch one of the wires and so receive the download.

The residents of the area who noticed the accident immediately called authorities.

Facebook Update ( Facebook is allowing video's showing people being decapitated )

Borderland Beat posted by A.J. BB Forum
UPDATE: FB has reversed its decision see bottom of this post for more....

By Leo Kelion of BBCFacebook is allowing videos showing people being decapitated to be posted and shared on its site once again.
The social network had introduced a temporary ban in May following complaints that the clips could cause long-term psychological damage.

The US firm confirmed it now believed its users should be free to watch and condemn such videos. It added it was, however, considering adding warnings.

One suicide prevention charity condemned the move.

"It only takes seconds of exposure to such graphic material to leave a permanent trace - particularly in a young person's mind," said Dr Arthur Cassidy, a former psychologist who runs a branch of the Yellow Ribbon Program in Northern Ireland.

"The more graphic and colorful the material is, the more psychologically destructive it becomes."

Two of the firm's official safety advisors have also criticized the decision.

Facebook allows anyone aged 13 and above to be a member.

Its terms and conditions now state that it will remove photos or videos that "glorify violence" in addition to other banned material, including a woman's "fully exposed breast".

Mexico ( City Official Fired - After Fight in the street over Daughter " Looked like Kidnapping " )

In the video, shown Viridiana Patricia Maza Castellanos, who struggles with the public servant to prevent him from taking her daughter.

According to the images that circulated yesterday, Santamaria Mina, came to the HELP  Viridiana where the "Father tried to take His daughter " named Eda Patricia. ( It LOOKED like a Kidnapping)

Seconds later he rushes out Viridiana Patricia Maza Castellanos  observed how he seeks to recover his daughter, as published in the portal Excelsior.

However, a third person walking by the place, seeing the struggle intervenes " Sergio Santamaria" and all hell breaks loose !

Tempe Az ( Body found of 19 yr old Girl - See Story ) Adrienne Salinas

Mexico Mazatlan ( A man was found Executed behind a Ranch in La Palma Sola )

 A man was executed in a stream , behind Las Moras Ranch , near the community of La Palma Sola , north of Mazatlan.

About 11:00 am the curator of the Palma Sola received a report that in the stream , Las Moras , on the road leading from the ranch in Espinal , there was a dead man , who had multiple gunshot wounds in the head , and his identity is unknown .
Upon arrival of the police officers surrounded the area where the body was , and minutes later the prosecutor specializing in Homicide was on the scene , the victim apparently lived in the community of El Espinal .
The victim  wore jeans blue , red t strap sandals , and was about 1.75 meters tall,about 45 years old , the authorities stated no rounds from a weapon were found. 
Following the work in the area of the discovery, guard funeral staff moved the body to their facility for law studies and try to make identification of the body .

Read more: http://www.elblogdelnarco.net/2013/10/ejecutado-cerca-de-mazatlan-sinaloa.html # ixzz2iqbtL047Follow us : @ MundoNarco on Twitter

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Iran ( Man who survived hanging to be pardoned - He will not be Hung )

Man who survived hanging to be pardoned

The Iranian judiciary has announced that the executed man who has survived his hanging will not be subjected to another execution.
Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani

Mohabat News - Sadegh Larijani, the head of Iran’s judiciary, announced on Wednesday October 23 that the drug convict is to be granted a pardon.
The 37-year-old drug trafficking convict was arrested three years ago for possession of one kg of crystal meth and was held on death row in Bojnoord Prison. He was subjected to a hanging last Wednesday but was found alive 24 hours later at the morgue.
The judge in his case previously had said that he would have to be executed again after he recovered from his condition in the hospital.
The announcement triggered criticism from several Iranian religious authorities and was also denounced by Amnesty International.
An identified source has told Khorasan Daily that the executee has now recovered from an earlier coma and progressing toward complete recovery./R zamaneh

Iran ( Several young men Get 3 yrs in Prison for - Attending a Christian house -Church )

Thursday, 24 October 2013   
An appeals court upheld prison sentences for six Christian prisoners in Shiraz. An initial court had sentenced them to 20 years in total.

According to Mohabat News, Shiraz appeals court upheld sentences for six Christians totaling 20 years of imprisonment. These prisoners are currently being held in "Ebrat" ward of Adel-abad prison.
The trial was held in Branch 15 of Shiraz Judicial Courts, and chaired by Judges Hosseini and Barati.
An initial court had sentenced Misters Mojtaba Seyyed Alaedin Hossein, Mohammad-Reza Partoei (Koroush), Vahid Hakkani, and Homayoun Shokouhi to prison.
The decision of the appeals court was delivered orally to their lawyer. This verdict is final and cannot be appealed.
(Three of the Christian Prisoners behind a visiting booth in Adel-Abad Prison (from left to right: Mojtaba Seyyed-Alaedin Hossein, Homayoun Shokouhi, Mohammad-Reza Partoei)

The initial court, which was held on June 10 in Branch 3 of the Revolutionary Court in Shiraz, convicted these Christian men for attending a house-church, spreading Christianity, having contact with foreign ministries, propaganda against the regime and disrupting national security. They had each been sentenced to three years and eight months in prison.
Mrs. Fariba Nazemian and her son, Nima Shokouhi, each received two years of suspended sentences as well. Mrs. Fariba Nazemian is Mr. Homayoun Shokouhi's wife. She spent eight months in custody before being released on bail on October 18, 2012. Their 17 year old son, Nima Shokouhi, was also released after 36 days in custody and posting bail of 100 million Toman (then approximately 100,000 USD).

Dog News ( That dog food is good - Sharing is caring )