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PHOENIX Az ( MOTHER Wanted - 11 yr old girl might DIE ) Removed from hospital

Police in Phoenix are searching for an 11-year-old girl who was removed from the hospital by her mother, where she was being treated for leukemia and still has a catheter in her chest.
Police said the little girl, who has been only been identified as Emily, also had her arm amputated due to an infection. The authorities are not sure why the mother removed the child from Phoenix Children's Hospital on Wednesday night, but are worried about the catheter still in Emily's chest.

The longest walk ( would you look the other way so  she could go home and die) ?

"Our concern right now is for that catheter to be medically removed. We understand that there is the possibility that the catheter could get an infection and thereby result in the death of this child really in the matter of days," Sgt. Steve Martos told ABC News affiliate KNXV Thursday night.
Surveillance footage from the hospital shows the mother, identified as Norma in a police press release, leaving with Emily around 10:30 p.m. local time Wednesday. Police say Norma removed Emily's IV before walking her out of the hospital in street clothes.
A young boy was also seen leaving with Norma and Emily.
Police believe the family then left the hospital in a black van and have not been seen since. Detectives have made an effort to contact the family but to no avail, according to the statement.
It's not clear how long Emily had been a patient at the hospital. Police have not released the family's last name.

SACRAMENTO Ca ( Former NFL player gets life in PRISON ) Keith Wright

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A former NFL player has been sentenced to life in prison for a series of home-invasion robberies and a sexual assault in Sacramento.
Keith Jerome Wright, who is 32, was sentenced Friday in Sacramento County Superior Court to multiple life terms. He was convicted last month of 19 charges that included forcible oral copulation, armed robbery, kidnapping, burglary and false imprisonment.
Prosecutors say DNA evidence and stolen items found in Wright's home connected him to three home invasion robberies in July and August 2011.
The former University of Missouri defensive lineman saw little playing time in the NFL after being selected in the sixth round of the draft by the Houston Texans in 2003. He also was with the Indianapolis Colts, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Detroit Lions.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/news/crime/article/Ex-NFL-player-sentenced-for-robberies-sex-assault-4082082.php#ixzz2Dl5Y33RZ

ARIZONA (Mountain Lion Alert- Patagonia Creek Preserve )

A mountain lion has been spotted several times in the Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve in southern Arizona and visitors are being warned to be careful.

Staff is monitoring the lion’s activity to determine if it has become habituated to people, which can be risky to people who frequent the area, a news release from The Nature Conservancy says.
Periodic closures may occur, according to a news release Friday by the conservancy.
The 921-acre preserve is just outside the town of Patagonia, about 50 miles southeast of Tucson.

CASA GRANDE Az ( BOMB blows up back door -Social Security Office )

CASA GRANDE, Ariz. — Authorities are investigating a small explosion that happened at the back entrance of a Social Security Administration office in a small town about 50 miles south of Phoenix.
The explosion was reported just before 8:30 a.m. Friday and no one was injured, Casa Grande Fire Marshal Barbara Rice said.

Television images show the building was blackened around the entry door, but Rice said the damage was not extensive.
The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives sent investigators to the scene. ATF spokesman Tom Mangan said the FBI had taken over the investigation and referred questions to that agency.
Calls to the FBI and Casa Grande police were not immediately returned.
A local resident whose wife works in the office and who talked to one of her co-workers said he was concerned about the staff, even though no one was hurt.
“She was crying and extremely upset,” Ed Mouradian told the Arizona Republic. “I am concerned for all the employees’ well-beings. It’s a small office that’s very tight-knit.”
Casa Grande was once a farming community of a few thousand people but grew into a distant bedroom community for Phoenix when developers began building hundreds of homes in the early 2000s.
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Afghanistan (Two men arrested-For beheading 14 yr old girl ) She refused marriage

 KONDUZ, Afghanistan -- Two men have been arrested in Afghanistan's northern province of Konduz in connection with the beheading of a 14-year-old girl.

Local police officer Nizamuddin Hakimi told RFE/RL that the girl's body was found late on November 27 in the province’s Imam Sahib District.

Hakimi said that a preliminary investigation revealed that the two suspects had asked the girl's parents if one of them could marry her.

Both the girl and her parents reportedly rejected the proposal.

Hakimi gave no further details regarding the men's possible connection to the killing.

Last month, a 20-year-old Afghan woman was beheaded in Herat Province, reportedly for refusing to work as a prostitute.

Four suspects, including the victim's husband and in-laws, were arrested for that killing.

FREMONT ( Boyfriend tried to hang girlfriend-but left her with cell phone )

A Fremont man was arrested Sunday after he allegedly tied up his girlfriend and tried to hang her from a tree in his backyard, police said.
The girlfriend called police around 5:50 p.m. from a cell phone and frantically told them she was tied up in the backyard at her boyfriend’s house on the 41500 block of Beatrice Street, said police spokeswoman Geneva Bosques.
(hello my boyfriend is trying to hang me)

The woman’s hands had been zip-tied behind her back but when her boyfriend stepped inside for a cigarette, she was able to reach for her phone in her back pocket and call police, Bosques said. The dispatcher had a hard time hearing her and the woman didn’t say much, but was able to give police the address of the house, Bosques said.
When police arrived at the house, they found her with her hands tied behind her back and a rope tied around her neck and connected to a tree. Her boyfriend, 31-year-old Daniel Howard, was standing behind her when police arrived. He pushed her toward a creek embankment at the edge of the back yard and jumped over a side fence, Bosques said.
Police released the woman, and officers chased down and arrested Howard several houses away. He was booked into Santa Rita Jail on suspicion of attempted murder. The woman, who lives in San Jose, was treated at a hospital for minor injuries.
Police have had contact with Howard numerous times in the past, Bosques said.

PALO ALTO - ( Sex Offender on the prowl-attacking women) See story

(11-29) 11:34 PST PALO ALTO -- A Palo Alto woman woke up early Thursday with an intruder in her bedroom, police said.
The assault has police wondering if the intruder, who entered the apartment at the 100 block of Hawthorne Avenue after breaking a lock, might be the same man who has groped three other women in August and September.

All have happened within walking distance of the Palo Alto Caltrain station.
In Thursday's incident, a man broke his way into the first-floor unit of a woman in her 20s, said Detective Sgt. Brian Philip.
She woke up just after 2 a.m. and found the man standing over her bed. She sat up and he yelled at her, pinning her down to the bed by the wrists, Philip said. He fled after she fought back and screamed.
Police searched the area but the assailant had escaped.
He was described as being in his 20s or 30s, having a medium build and wearing a hooded dark jacket and dark pants, Philip said.
In the earlier cases, the groper was described as being around 30 years old and about 5 feet 9 inches tall, with an average build and black hair.
In those cases, that suspect approached women who were alone during daylight hours and grabbed and fondled their buttocks or breasts before running away. The assaults happened at El Palo Alto Park, Stanford Shopping Center and in downtown Palo Alto on Hamilton Avenue.
"There's always that chance that it's related to those incidents because of the location and the nature of the crime," Philip said.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/crime/article/Palo-Alto-woman-awoken-by-intruder-4077745.php#ixzz2DjUvEAC2

Thursday, November 29, 2012

LOS ANGELES ( Substance-abuse counselor charged with MURDER ) Drunk Driving

The substance-abuse counselor accused of killing a Torrance man while driving drunk was charged with murder and faces life in prison if convicted, prosecutors said.
Sherri Wilkins, 51, appeared in court Tuesday but postponed her arraignment until next month on felony charges of murder, gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, DUI causing injury, drunken driving while causing injury and leaving the scene of an accident, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney's office.

Wilkins has two prior burglary convictions and is a third-striker, prosecutors said. She is being held on $2.25-million bail.

Police said Wilkins' car hit Phillip Moreno, 31, as he tried to cross Torrance Boulevard on Saturday night and kept driving more than two miles with the man embedded in her car's windshield. Other motorists managed to stop her at 182nd Street and Crenshaw Boulevard and grab her keys, Torrance police Sgt. Robert Watt said.

Moreno had a pulse when officers arrived but was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Watt said Wilkins had a blood-alcohol level more than double the 0.08 legal limit.

Wilkins had a certification in drug and alcohol counseling and worked at a Torrance treatment center, where she led small group classes six evenings a week. She wrote in an undated Myspace profile that she "used to be into drugs very heavy" and "with that came terrible choices," but that she had been sober for 11 years.

NATIONAL CITY ( MAN steals identity of other man- on the RUN ) San Diego

Police say this man is living under the stolen identity of Brandon McClarnon.
Police say this man is living under the stolen identity of Brandon McClarnon.
— Investigators are working to find a man suspected of slowly taking over someone else’s identity, working two jobs and buying everything from a pickup to diamonds under the person’s name.
The suspect assumed the identity of Brandon McClarnon, getting jobs at Wheels for Rent in National City and Cox Cable in San Diego under the name, according to Crime Stoppers.
He was also able to obtain a driver’s license as McClarnon.
Recently, he used his girlfriend’s 6-year-old and 10-year-old children to steal merchandise from a store while he waited in the car, authorities said. The children were caught, but the suspect drove off, leaving the kids behind.
He is wanted on identity theft and child endangerment charges.
He is described as Latino, 6 feet tall, 250 to 290 pounds, with a shaved head/black hair, brown eyes and an earring in the right ear. He may have a goatee.
Anyone with information on the identity or whereabouts of the suspect can call National City police Investigator Tom Di Zinno at (619) 336-4473 or leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-8477. Tipsters may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000.

TUCSON Az ( Fund Raiser for Gun shot Victim ) Andrew Liska

3rd Base Bar & Grill

There will be a car wash and fund raiser on Saturday , December 1., at noon at the 3rd base bar and grill . The Fund Rasier is for "Andrew Liska " who was shot and died days later of his injuries .

OHIO ( Man does 30 days in jail- For taunting 10 yr old disabled girl ) William Bailey

An Ohio man faces one month of jail time for teasing and taunting a 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy after a video of the incident went viral.
On Nov. 27, Judge John A. Poulos of the Canton Municipal Court sentenced 43-year-old William Bailey to 29 days in jail.
The taunting occurred on Sept. 26, when Tricia Knight and her mother-in-law were waiting for her children's bus to return from school. Knight's three children, including 10-year-old Hope, attend Walker Elementary with Bailey's 9-year-old son, Joseph.
What happened next was caught on an iPod camera by Knight's mother-in-law, Marie Prince.
William Bailey "was dragging his leg and patting his arm across his chest to pick his son Joseph up," said Knight. "I asked him to please stop doing this. 'My daughter can see you.' He then told his son to walk like the R-word."

The next day Knight posted the video on her Facebook page while Prince uploaded the video they called "Bus Stop Ignorance" to YouTube. Within days, the video went viral.
The Knight family has lived next door to the Baileys for the past two years, and the incident at the bus stop, according to Knight, is the culmination of rising tensions and intimidation against her kids.
In the days that followed the taunting at the bus stop, the Knight family filed a complaint with Canton City prosecutors.
Jennifer Fitzsimmons, the chief assistant city prosecutor for this case, says in the three years she's been in this role, she's never seen anything like this.
"I think when we look at cases, there's case law out there regarding people commenting and gesturing against race and religion. But when there's nothing out there regarding disabilities, it took me a little bit longer to come to a decision."
After Fitzsimmons reviewed the Knight family's complaint, a police report based on a phone call from the Knight family, and the video captured by Prince, she decided to press charges.
"It was settled without Hope having to relive what she saw and how it impacted her," said Fitzsimmons. "I think the trial could have been just as traumatic as the event itself."
Bailey, who works as a truck driver, was charged twice. He was originally charged for aggravated menacing, a misdemeanor of the first degree. In this charge, the victim was Knight, an incident she says took place the same day as the bus stop scene.
Bailey, she said, "was swinging a tow chain on his porch, saying he was going to choke me until I stopped twitching. I sent my kids with my mother-in-law to leave with them. My husband called the sheriff."

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

California ( Family swept into the SEA looking for DOG ) Sad ending

Search ends for teen after family swept into sea looking for dog

Despite heavy fog, the Coast Guard had searched through the weekend for a 16-year-old boy swept out to sea along with his parents, according to the Associated Press.
Waves reaching 10 feet in height pulled the dog into the ocean as it ran to retrieve a stick at Big Lagoon, a beach north of Eureka on Saturday, according to Dana Jones, a state Parks and Recreation district superintendent, in the Times-Standard.
Jones said the boy went after the dog, prompting his father to go after them. She said the teenager was able to get out, but when he didn't see his father, he and his mother went into the water looking for him.
“Both were dragged into the ocean,” Jones said of Saturday's tragedy.
The Times-Standard reports that the couple's daughter called police. Jones said a park ranger had to run a half mile to get to the beach because his car wasn't made to handle the terrain. When he arrived, he wasn't able to get to them because of the high surf, she said.
Rescuers eventually retrieved the mother's body, and the father's body washed up. The dog got out of the water on its own, Jones said.

TUCSON Az ( Man and Woman face charges for pretending to be FAKE Cops pulling over Cars ) 5 felonies

A Tucson couple may be able to avoid felony convictions after pleading guilty Wednesday to one count each of impersonating a peace officer.
Alan Eugene Wilson, 41, and Kristine Wilson, 47, were indicted last month on five felony counts each of impersonating a peace officer.
On Wednesday, Alan Wilson admitted he was dressed similarly to a police officer when he pulled over a car near North Stone Avenue and East Fort Lowell Road on Dec. 7, 2011, using blue and red lights that had been installed on his vehicle. After realizing the driver was a teacher at his son’s school, he sent her on her way.

Kristine Wilson admitted she was with her husband on June 10 when he pulled over two people in a car about midnight. She acknowledged they went up to the car, asked the driver who the registered owner of the car was and spoke to her on the phone. Kristine Wilson further admitted they were wearing clothing similar to that worn by officers and they told the women in the car they could’ve been cited.
Pima County Superior Court Judge Scott Rash could designate Kristine Wilson’s crime a misdemeanor at the time of her sentencing and place her on probation or give her up to six months in jail. If he chooses to designate it a felony, Kristine Wilson is facing a term of probation or up to two years in prison.
Rash can place Alan Wilson on probation or give him up to two years in prison. If Alan Wilson is placed on probation and successfully completes it, Rash could designate the crime a misdemeanor.
At the time of the Wilsons’ arrest, Tucson police said the impersonators conducted traffic stops several times and gave verbal warnings. In one incident, they intervened in an altercation while impersonating officers.
Police impounded the couple’s vehicle in June, and seized law enforcement uniforms and gear.
Rash will sentence the pair Jan. 16.

LOS ANGELES ( Chef tells Police he accidentally KILLED wife and Cooked her body to dispose of it ).

Dawn and David Viens
The chef who told authorities that he accidentally killed his wife and cooked her body to dispose of it fired his attorney Tuesday and will represent himself when he is sentenced in February.
Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Rand S. Rubin warned David Viens that "there is a danger to representing yourself" and he'd get "no special indulgence" from the court. Viens, who was convicted earlier this year of second-degree murder, which carries a sentence of 15 years to life in prison, said he understood.
Viens dismissed his attorney, Fred McCurry, with a soft "thank you, Fred." He had tried to get rid of McCurry during his trial, a request Rubin denied because it was made too late in the proceedings.
"Thank you for letting me go pro-per. I appreciate that," said Viens, who appeared in court Tuesday in a wheelchair wearing gray jail garb and glasses that dangled from a string around his neck. The sister and father of his wife, Dawn, looked visibly pained that the proceedings would drag on.
Viens was polite, addressing the judge as "your honor," and had arrived in court with several handwritten motions, which were not immediately available to reporters. Rubin gave him a January deadline to file any other requests and allotted him $60 to make phone calls from jail before his Feb. 1 sentencing.
Dawn Viens was 39 when she vanished in October 2009. After her husband learned in February 2011 that investigators suspected he'd played a role in her disappearance, he leaped off an 80-foot cliff in Rancho Palos Verdes.
From his hospital bed, David Viens described to sheriff's investigators why authorities never found his wife's body. He said he packed it into a large drum of boiling water, held it down with weights and simmered it over four days. Then, he said, he poured much of what remained into the grease pit at his Lomita restaurant, Thyme Contemporary Café.

TUCSON Az ( BABY left at Northwest Hospital-Abandoned ) Baby in good shape

Whoever abandoned a newborn at Northwest Medical Center Tuesday did exactly the right thing, authorities say.
The baby, who appeared to be less than 24 hours old, was found by hospital staffers, said Deputy Renee Carlson, spokeswoman for the Pima County Sheriff's Department.
The medical center, 6200 N. La Cholla Blvd. at West Orange Grove Road, is a "Safe Haven" drop-off location where newborns can be left, no questions asked.

Though the Sheriff's Department is investigating, Carlson said whoever left the infant did the right thing. "The baby was well cared for ... no neglect, no malicious intent. This was an appropriate location for a baby to be dropped off," Carlson said.
Carlson would not reveal the newborn's gender. "People are scared when they are making those choices and anonymity is important," she said. Otherwise, "we're going to have babies in trash cans. The baby is healthy as a result of this. It's doing well and being cared for at this time, and that's all good."
Arizona passed a "Safe Baby" law in 2001. About 18 babies have been dropped off at sites statewide since the law took effect. See www.tucsonsafebaby.org for more information.
Kimberly Matas
"The baby was well cared for ... no neglect, no malicious intent."
Renee Carlson, deputy

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SINALOA ( Miss Sinaloa died with a gun in her hand ) Human Shield

Died with gun in hand
CULIACAN, Mexico — A Mexican beauty queen killed over the weekend in a shootout between suspected drug traffickers and soldiers likely was being used as a human shield, a federal official said Tuesday.
Maria Susana Flores Gamez, crowned 2012 Woman of Sinaloa in February, came out of the car first with a gun in her hands during the confrontation, with the other gunmen hiding behind her, according to the official from the attorney general's office.
He spoke on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation.
The official said he read the military report of Saturday's shootout in Flores Gamez's hometown of Guamuchil in western Sinaloa state, home to Mexico's most powerful cartel of the same name. The attorney general's investigators are still trying to determine if the 20-year-old fired the gun she was holding.

OKLAHOMA ( LOST Kangaroo 1000 reward -Lucy )

An Oklahoma family has lost its pet kangaroo and they're hoping a $1,000 reward will ensure the safe return of their beloved Lucy Sparkles.
On Thanksgiving night, the Shayla and Larry Menhusen were hosting family at their Shawnee, Okla., home and for a while, Lucy was the life of the party, delighting the seven young children in attendance, including the Menhusen's three young daughters.
"But I think Lucy got startled. It was an unusual amount of noise for her," Shayla Menhusen told ABCNews.com.

It was getting dark outside, a time when Lucy usually hops off to bed in her custom built, heated and air conditioned house on the Menhusen's five acres of land.
"Lucy hopped around the back of our home where her house is and my husband went back there to close up her gate," Menhusen said.
At only 11 months old, Lucy still loves to sleep in a pouch that hangs in her house. However, Larry Menhusen couldn't find her there, or anywhere. He whistled for her and called out her name, but Lucy didn't return.
"She usually responds back with this particular kangaroo sound, but we don't think she could hear him," Shayla Menhusen said.
Initially, the Menhusens offered $500 for the safe return of their Lucy Sparkles, thinking she couldn't have gone far and that they'd quickly get her back. But after days passed with no sign of her, the family upped the reward to $1,000.
Now the family waits. A caller to a local radio show on Nov. 26 claimed to have seen the animal crossing the road near the family's home. However no one has yet stepped forward with Lucy.
Many have reached out to help the family, though. Menhusen said the local support has been overwhelming and many have told the family that, if they find Lucy, they would not accept the reward.

New Hampshire ( Transgender official in the state- ask to step down because of Felony Arrest )

Republicans in New Hampshire's state legislature have called for the first elected transgender official in the state - and the nation - to step down in light of a newspaper article that revealed her criminal past.

Stacie Marie Laughton, a Democrat, made history this month when she was elected to a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives from Hillsborough County, which includes Nashua. But a story in the Laconia Daily Sun revealed that Laughton was a convicted felon who served more than four months in jail for "conspiracy to commit credit card fraud" in 2008.
Candidates can run for office in New Hampshire after they've been convicted of a felony as long as they are not incarcerated and have completed any court-ordered sentence, according to the New Hampshire Secretary of State's Office.
Granite State House Majority Leader Pete Silva, R-Nashua, said Laughton's failure to inform Nashua voters about her background before the election was grounds for her resignation, according to the Nashua Patch.
"While I believe in a person's ability to be rehabilitated and become a productive member of the community, I also believe it is a candidate's duty to fully disclose their personal history to allow the voters an opportunity to make an informed decision," Silva wrote in a statement published by Nashua Patch. "Ms. Laughton failed to give the voters of her district that very basic amount of trust and respect."
In a letter to the editor from August 2009, when Laughton was running for a city council set in Laconia, she introduced herself as Stacie and said that after going through "a rocky last couple of years," she was bringing a new outlook on life to the table.
"I have made mistakes in my personal life, but I have paid my debt to society, and I believe that through that it has made me stronger and it should not damage my ability to be a city counselor," Laughton wrote. "And I ask the people of Laconia to ask questions to me so that they may know both sides of the story due to the fact that the press likes to tell only one side of what goes on."

SINALOA ( MISS Sinaloa - The life of Maria Susana Gamez) Cartel Wars

Sinaloa • María Susana Gámez Flores, 2012 Sinaloa Woman beauty pageant winner, and her boyfriend were killed amid a military confrontation against the armed group.

State Ministerial Police authorities confirmed that the 22-year-old allegedly accompanied the group of attackers who confronted the soldiers at a safe house in the town of Caitime, in the municipality of Salvador Alvarado.

Flores Gámez was crowned Sinaloa Woman in February 2012. In 2009 she was named Model of the Year.

María Susana was selected from over 50 applicants as Miss Tourism East Mexico, so in May, she represented Mexico at the Miss International Oriental, in China.

Though authorities have not submitted an official statement about this death, the organizers of the beauty contest posted on her Facebook page: "The coordination of Nuestra Belleza Sinaloa expresses its deepest condolences on the death of the beautiful Maria Susana Flores, participant Nuestra Belleza Sinaloa 2012. "We are dismayed by the news, a beautiful young woman, happy and with a great future ahead, rest in peace and God Susy have in your holy glory, our deepest sympathy to her mother and brothers, "concludes the text. Who was the Miss Sinaloa?

The model was originally from Gramuchil and was working towards a degree in communication sciences.

The scuffle occurred last Saturday and lasted from Caitime to El Palmar de Los Leal in Mocorito. Two soldiers also died, two more subjects (one victim of the armed group), along with the young model.
According to information from the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA), a military convoy was traveling on the streets of Caitime when they were attacked by gunmen who later took refuge in a safe house Mocorito.

Soldiers repelled the aggression, killing one guy. After that first attack, the command made it out of the home and took flight.

However, they were chased by the military towards El Palmar Los Leal, where Maria Susana was killed.

The El Progreso, neighbor was identified as Rosario Mendez Rios, 54, who was killed when gunmen seized his vehicle to escape. There are reports his wife also died in the fray, but it is unconfirmed. Authorities said the gunmen shot him several times trying to steal his truck.

The armed group is allegedly linked to Orso Iván Gastélum Cruz, El Cholo Iván o El Cholo Vago, who serves as head of the Sinaloa cartel hitmen in the region of Évora.

Orso Iván Gastélum escaped from Aguaruto prison in August 2009 after a party held at the module five to say goodbye of his friends. He provide his friends with entertainment from norteño conjunto band and a singer Harley Pérez.

According to information from the Army, after the confrontation they arrested three alleged gunmen, who were identified as Gabino Ramírez López, 23; Álvaro Cázares Uribe, 22, y Óscar Yovani Rodríguez Beltrán, 22.

Monday, November 26, 2012

MEXICO ( Miss Sinaloa - Beauty Queen killed in Cartel gun Battle )

CULIACAN, Mexico —A 20-year-old state beauty queen has been killed in northern Mexico during a running gun battle between soldiers and the gang of drug traffickers she was traveling with, officials say.

The body of Maria Susana Flores Gamez has been turned over to relatives for burial, the prosecutor of the drug-plagued state of Sinaloa says.
Flores Gamez was traveling in one of the vehicles that engaged soldiers in an hours-long chase and shootout on Saturday, prosecutor Marco Antonio Higuera said Monday.
Her body was found lying next to an assault rifle.
She was voted the 2012 Woman of Sinaloa in a beauty pageant in February.
In 2008, another Mexican beauty queen from Sinaloa was detained on suspicion of drug and weapons violations but was later released.

TUCSON Az ( Sister tells story about brother being Killed ) Eastside Shooting Andrew Liska

Sister tells story about brother 'Andrew Liska' being shot in Tucson Arizona.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

MEXICO ( One wrong turn into mexico cost a man time in a mexican jail ) 7 months in mexican Jail

Trucker Who Made Wrong Turn Freed From Mexican Prison (ABC News)
Enlarge Photo

ABC News - Trucker Who Made Wrong Turn Freed From Mexican Prison (ABC News)

A Dallas truck driver is enjoying his first weekend of freedom in seven months after what his employer said was an "honest mistake" landed him in a Mexican prison.
Jabin Bogan was transporting a load of ammunition to a Phoenix gun shop in April when he said he made a wrong turn, causing him to cross the border into Mexico, where strict firearms laws are enforced.
"He told me he was coming from the warehouse, missed a turn, and was stuck one-way going south," said Bogan's manager at Demco Express, Denis Mekenye. "At that point he asked a cop how to make a U-turn and was told to go three or four miles, but at that point was in Mexico."
Bogan was arrested when he tried to re-enter the United States near El Paso, Texas, with 268,000 rounds of ammunition in his truck.
He was released on Friday after his mother paid a fine, ABC News affiliate WFAA reported.
The father of one had an emotional reunion with his family over the holiday weekend.
"My son, that's my motivation," he told WFAA. "That kept me going every day. My mama is my strength - without my mama I wouldn't be no where now. My family is my pride and joy."
If convicted, Bogan could have faced more than 25 years in prison.

MEXICO (19 Dead bodies found in Chihuahua ) Killed by the " Death Comandos"

2 Grim Discoveries in Chihuahua -19 Dead Bodies
Sunday, November 25, 2012 |
Borderland Beat
Eight bodies were found Saturday morning. The discovery was made in a field approximately 100 meters off the highway between the towns of Delicias and Satevó, in Chihuahua.
It is believed that some of bodies may be those who were kidnapped Friday night by armed gunmen who abducted three from the towns of Jimenez Parral and two from Valle de Allende.
Gunman arriving with a convoy of eight trucks executed five men Friday night at different locations in the space of half an hour in Mequi... After seven in the evening, three men were shot inside a vehicle in the plaza of Guadalupe Victoria and minutes later a 17 old year was killed near community El Torreon, in the same municipality. Another man was later assassinated at his home, located in the neighborhood of Genaro Vazquez, and according to early reports, the five murders were allegedly committed by the same armed group who allegedly called themselves "Death Comando."
The spokesman for the state attorney general, Carlos Gonzalez Estrada, confirmed the incidents and also confirmed that the eight victims were found half naked, having been killed from shot to the head in another location, then transported and discarded in this manner near kilometer 46, near the turn off to Rancho San Miguel in Chihuahua..
He clarified that they were investigating whether the victims are some of the same subjects kidnapped by gunmen on Friday in the towns Jiménez and Valle de Allende.

There are reports of a message being left with the bodies but no details have been indicated.
The forensic medical examiner transported the bodies for autopsy and identification. (Semefo)

Hit read more for list of those identified