Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mexico News (HOLY Man or Man of God) Stands up to (Zetas Cartel)

“They thought that they were going to find information that will demolish my moral authority, but they will not find anything else than the word of Jesus. Hope it is useful”….Stated by Fr. Solalinde after Zetas stole his laptop
borderland beat
o Zetas prefer that the shelter of Ixtepec stay open
o PRI Government spread negative images of Central Americans, he points out.
o He insists that he will not accept a bureaucratic position in the Church
Ixtepec, Oaxaca “Two members of the Zeta Cartel told me here, inside the shelter: “Do you think that we cannot kill you? We don’t do it because if we do, the shelter will close and then the migrants will go to other places, we will have to look for them everywhere! We prefer that they stay here” the catholic priest Alejandro Solalinde Guerra, stated in an interview. Solalinde is responsible for the shelter Hermanos Del Camino.
“It is different here than in Lecheria (passing point of immigrants in the state of Mexico). One of those responsible for causing us many problems is drug traffickers. We are not perusing them, because we are not police. I am not a policeman; I wasn’t placed here to chase drug traffickers. But, they are the ones that harm the immigrants and I have had to intervene,” he adds.
The criminalization against the migrants has been very high. However, one positive change is the PRD town city council has changed their attitude.
He notes that the PRI government, spread in the media a very bad image of the immigrants. Central Americans that are passing by the shelter, are targeted by the government and organized crime groups.

Mexico News (Security Chief of Prison Gunned Down) Shot 44 times

The security chief of the prison in Culiacan, the capital of the northwestern Mexican state of Sinaloa, was gunned down, police said.
Alejandro Osuna Rios was murdered on Friday in front of his house, police said.
The 36-year-old Osuna Rios had been in charge of security at the prison for four months.
Osuna Rios was attacked by several gunmen riding in two SUVs as he stood in front of his house with his wife and son in the Villas del Manantial district.

Sinaloa state Attorney General’s Office investigators found 44 bullet casings and an ammunition clip for an AK-47 at the crime scene, as well as the officer’s service weapon.
Osuna Rios, who had just started his vacation, did not have time to draw his 9 mm pistol and return fire, police said.
Sinaloa is currently the scene of a bloody turf war among several cartels.
The state is home to the drug cartel led by Joaquin “El Chapo” (Shorty) Guzman, who was arrested in Guatemala in 1993 and pulled off a Hollywood-style jailbreak when he escaped from the Puente Grande maximum-security prison in the western state of Jalisco on Jan. 19, 2001.
The Sinaloa organization, sometimes referred to by officials as the Pacific cartel, is the oldest and most powerful drug cartel in Mexico.
The Sinaloa cartel, according to intelligence agencies, is a transnational business empire that operates in the United States, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Americas and Asia.
About 50,000 people have died in Mexico’s drug war since December 2006, when President Felipe Calderon declared war on the country’s powerful cartels, sending soldiers into the streets to fight criminals.

(INDIAN NEWS) Jim Thorpe's SON'S (Fight to bring fathers body home) to Reservation

The current legal fight involves a decision by Thorpe’s late third wife, Patricia, to sell his remains just after his death to two towns in eastern Pennsylvania called Mauch Chunk and East Mauch Chunk.
Patricia Thorpe claimed the body the night before a traditional Sac and Fox burial ceremony could take place in Oklahoma.

Thorpe’s remains were sold on the condition that the towns combine, call themselves “Jim Thorpe,” and erect a monument to Thorpe.
Currently, part of Thorpe’s lineal family and the Sac and Fox Nation of Oklahoma are suing the town of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, asking that his body be returned to Oklahoma under terms of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act of 1990.
The plaintiffs claim the Thorpe memorial falls under the definition of a museum receiving federal funds and his remains are, in fact, artifacts that should be returned to his lineal descendants in Oklahoma.
The town disputes the claim, and there are other Thorpe family members who want the body to remain in Pennsylvania.
The issue is now in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, where Judge A. Richard Caputo ruled late last year that parts of the lawsuit may continue.
Caputo also ordered that William and Richard Thorpe take part in mediation talks two weeks ago.
William Schaub, the attorney for Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, told a local newspaper that a Supreme Court precedent was on the town’s side, since Jim Thorpe died in California.
“Burial has traditionally been governed by the states. Jim Thorpe was a resident of California,” Schwab said. “He died in California. This case should be governed by the California probate code which gave Jim Thorpe’s third wife the right to bury him as she saw fit. They are trying to trump state law.”

CHINESE(SUPER WOMAN) 16 yr old Shiwen (Swimmer)

LONDON — Questions ranging from doping to genetic manipulation are emerging in the wake of Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen’s record-breaking performances.
When asked if the attention and suspicion are affecting her, Shiwen insisted she was focused on her lane and her times.
“There’s absolutely no problem with doping,” she said through a translator. “The Chinese team has always had a firm policy about antidoping.”
Shiwen, 16, won the gold medal and smashed the world record in the 400-meter Individual Medley and set an Olympic record in the women’s 200-meter Individual Medley on Monday. She left the Aquatic Centre abuzz with her increasingly impressive times

Leonard added that Shiwen looked like “superwoman,” and she has posted times tantamount to going stroke for stroke with American stars Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps. For 50 meters, she swam faster than Lochte earlier in the meet and set the Olympic record by touching the wall in 2 minutes, 08.39 seconds.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/olympics-2012/chinese-swimmer-ye-shiwen-raises-suspicion-record-breaking-time-200-meter-individual-medley-article-1.1125379#ixzz22DLhjjPA

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/olympics-2012/chinese-swimmer-ye-shiwen-raises-suspicion-record-breaking-time-200-meter-individual-medley-article-1.1125379#ixzz22DL6h97Y

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ARNOLDO JIMENEZ ( Wanted for MURDER) Killed his WIFE Wedding Day

Arnoldo Jimenez
(Credit: Burbank Police)

(CBS/AP) CHICAGO, Ill. - Over 30 law enforcement agencies have joined federal agents hunting Arnoldo Jimenez, who is suspected of stabbed his new wife to death and leaving her body in the bathtub.

 Jimenez, 30, secretly married Estrella Carrera last Friday at Chicago City Hall, and allegedly killed her just hours later.

Carrera's family asked police to check on her well-being after she failed to pick up her two children Saturday. Authorities found Carrera's body in the bathtub of her Burbank apartment, still clothed in the dress she wore to celebrate her wedding.

Jimenez called his sister that same day and tearfully said he had left his bride bleeding after a "bad fight," reported The Associated Press. He then hung up and wouldn't pick up when she called him back.

Friday, July 27, 2012

MEXICO CITY (Zetas Members Arrested) 880,000 in cash and grenade

Mexican marines detained five suspected members of the Zetas drug cartel this week and seized more than $1.6 million in cash, the Navy Secretariat said in a statement.
The arrests in Mexico City and in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz were the result of intelligence gathering and several operations conducted in recent days, the statement said.
Rafael Antonio Medina Rea and Ricardo Fuyivara Romero were detained Tuesday in this capital in possession of a suitcase with $880,000 in cash, as well as a handgun and a grenade.
The military personnel also detained suspected Zeta Jesus Rosas Ibarra on Wednesday in Mexico City and confiscated a box inside his vehicle with $730,890 in cash, as well as a handgun and another grenade.

According to the statement, authorities suspect Rosas Ibarra of serving since 2008 as a money manager for Los Zetas, a criminal gang notorious for its brutality.
Rosas Ibarra told authorities the two men detained Tuesday in the capital worked with him and were involved in transporting ill-gotten cash in hidden vehicle compartments.
The secretariat also said two men suspected of transporting money for the Zetas – Feliciano Ruiz Atilano and Rafael Vazquez Solis – were arrested Wednesday in Xalapa, capital of the Gulf coast state of Veracruz.
Los Zetas, a group founded by deserters from a U.S.-trained Mexican special forces unit, started out as the armed wing of the Gulf cartel, but the two criminal organizations had a falling out in 2010 and the Zetas went into the drug business on their own account, gaining control of several lucrative territories.
Even in the violent world of Mexican organized crime, the Zetas stand out for their propensity to dismember the bodies of their victims.
President Felipe Calderon, who will step down in December, gave marines, army soldiers and federal police the lead role in the battle against drug cartels shortly after taking office in 2006.

62 MEXICAN Police (Kidnapped) BY CARAPAN Indians (Mexico)

A total of 62 Policia Federal (PF) agents have been kidnapped in Uruapan municipality in Michaocan state, according to a several Mexican news accounts.
Twelve PF agents apparently happened upon a roadblock maintained by local indigenous Angahuan and Carapan Indians when they were taken prisoner Indigenous Indians are protesting illegal logging in the Meseta Purepecha area, according to a report posted on the website of El Sol de Zacatecas news daily.
According to a late article posted on thw website of El Sol de Mexico news daily, a total of 50 additional PF agents were kidnapped. The article failed to elaborate when and where the additional police were kidnapped.
The roads between Uruapan and Paracho, and Los Reyes and Zamora are being blocked as well as roads near Angahuan Capacuaro, Santa Cruz Tanaco and Tlazazalca. Those stretches of roads are less than seven kilometers from Cheran municipality, where continual protests against activity residents have claimed as illegal logging has taken place the past two years.
Wednesday a Michoacan government news release said that at least three mixed operating bases would be established in the areas around Cheran, Paracho and Santa Cruz Tanaco. BOM or Base de Operaciones Mixtas, is a mixture of federal and state security forces. The mixing of security forces from all levels of gvoernment is a practice in routine use in Nuevo Leon state to counter drug gangs operating in the area, and to provide patrols.
According to the El Sol de Mexico article the kidnappings are a response to the Michoacan state government plan to beef up security forces in the area. PF have also been asked to leave the area by indigent Indians.
The news release, which names Michoacan governor Fausto Vallejo Figueroa said a number of repeated meetings would take place to assess the security situation in the area.
The uptick in activity takes place in the wake of the murder of two Cheran residents two weeks ago near Cheran. The victims, Urbano Macias Rafael, 48, and Guadalupe Geronimo Velazquez, 28 were kidnapped as they attempted to bring in cattle from the fields. A protest by Cheran residents not only locked local officials in the town hall, but also took place in the capital of Morelia at the legislative palace.
The two men were later found dead.
Issues for local indigenous Indians in Michoacan boil down to illegal use of lands they consider tribal and sacred. Residents of Cheran have been protesting illegal logging and organized crime activity in the area for years.
Even so, indigenous Indians such as the residents of Cheran have allegedly themselves been involved in a number of illegal acts such as auto theft carjacking, illegal roadblocks and imposition of illegal duties, as well a number of other petty crimes.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Little Music ( The Way it Is ) Bruce Hornsby

FOUR People (KILLED at TACO Shop) Colima Mexico (Drug Wars)

Four people were killed and six others were injured this morning in Cerro de Ortega , part of Tecoman , Colima , when heavily armed stormed a food establishment in the town bordering Coahuayana, in the State of Michoacan .

The Attorney General of the State of Colima reported that the incident occurred on Saturday morning when a group of people were having breakfast at a barbecue stand located at Calle Miguel Galindo, in the center of Cerro de Ortega, in Tecoman, when a group of armed men came and fired at will against the diners, resulting in four deaths and six injuries, which are reported as serious.
According to preliminary investigations by the Attorney General of the State said the attack was directed against Leopoldo Gonzalez Aviles "N", aka 'Pole", 33 years old, who was identified as one of the leaders of the Colima Cartel also called New Generation Jalisco (CJNG).

The law enforcement agency reported that the incident occurred when several armed men came to the place of reference and without saying a word opened fire with heavy weapons, depriving several persons of life and injuring six more.
The alleged leader of the so-called New Generation Jalisco Cartel arrived at the restaurant in a Mitsubishi van, Endevor line, pearl colored, overlapping plates of the State of Jalisco, which had been reported as stolen in that state since last January.
Similarly were deprived of life on the scene, Paul "N" Major, 52 years old; Elsa "N" 50, and a male person between 35 and 40 years old so far not yet been identified.
After the attack the likely responsible fled to an unknown destination, presumably in the state of Michoacan.

POLICE CHIEF (MISSING) Mexico Veracruz (DRUG Cartel)

Gregorio Juarez Vazquez was in charge of the police force in Cosautlan, a city in the mountainous central region of Veracruz.
Juarez Vazquez was last seen riding with his driver in a patrol car around 1:00 a.m. Monday, people close to the chief said

The police chief’s patrol car was found several hours later abandoned on the Teocelo-Cosautlan state highway, but his whereabouts is unknown. Juarez Vazquez’s driver is also missing.
State and municipal police have launched a search for the police chief and his driver.
Cosautlan is about 60 kilometers (37 miles) from Xalapa, the capital of Veracruz state, in a coffee-growing area.
Veracruz has been plagued by a turf war between rival drug cartels that has sent the state’s murder rate skyrocketing over the past two years.
The federal government launched “Operation Safe Veracruz” last October in an effort to stem the wave of drug-related violence in the Gulf state.
On June 12, police found the remains of 14 people stuffed into an abandoned SUV on the Alamo-Potrero del Llano state highway near Los Cuates, a ranch in northern Veracruz close to the border with Tamaulipas.
The Gulf, Los Zetas and Jalisco Nueva Generacion cartels, as well as breakaway members of the once-powerful La Familia Michoacana organization, are fueling the violence in the state.

Candlelight vigil (FOR MISSING GIRL) Tucson ISA Celis

Isabel Mercedes Celis

2012-07-26T12:05:00Z2012-07-26T10:45:47ZVigil for missing Tucson girl set for FridayArizona Daily StarArizona Daily Star
41 minutes ago
A candlelight vigil for Isabel Celis, the 6-year-old girl who was abducted from her midtown home more than three months ago, is planned for Friday evening.
The vigil starts at 7 p.m. at Christian Faith Fellowship, 5601 E. Broadway.
Community members are invited to pray for Isabel and sign a book of thoughts for the Celis family.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ORANGE COUNTY (Protesters broke windows out of Starbucks) OVER police shooting

ANAHEIM, California (Reuters) - Protesters broke windows of least a half-dozen storefronts in Anaheim on Tuesday and five people were arrested in the second major clash between police and demonstrators since an officer shot dead an apparently unarmed man.
Tom Tait, mayor of the southern California city, had called on Monday for a state and federal review of the shooting of the man, a suspected gang member.
Over 600 demonstrators gathered at City Hall on Tuesday, where officials were holding a regular meeting, police said.

Some threw patio chairs through the windows of a Starbucks, according to a Reuters witness. No one in the restaurant was injured, said Anaheim police spokesman Sergeant Bob Dunn.
In the same block-long strip mall, at least five other businesses also had windows smashed, according to a Reuters witness. Afterward, officers toting shotguns stood guard in front of the storefronts.
Five people were arrested in the protest and ensuing melee, and one person was injured and taken to hospital, Dunn said. Dozens of officers wielding night sticks faced off against the demonstrators, who at one point threw water bottles and rocks toward the line.
The tensions flared after police shot and killed a man on Saturday afternoon.

Monday, July 23, 2012

GUNS ( Recovered Phoenix ) 43 CONNECTED to Fast and Furious

According to court paperwork, Phoenix Drug Enforcement Administration agents discovered the guns in mid-April. They pulled over a vehicle near 83rd Avenue and Interstate 10, near the Phoenix and Tolleson border.
Documents filed in federal court reveal five suspects named in the case are accused of conspiring to possess and distribute “500 grams or more of a mixture or substance containing a detectable amount of methamphetamine…”
Four of the suspects are listed as undocumented immigrants. The fifth suspect had been admitted to the United States under a non-immigrant visa, according to court documents.

Agents recovered at least 59 weapons during the bust. The ABC15 Investigators found 43 are connected to the Fast and Furious case with certainty.
We reviewed official ATF Suspect Gun Summary documents – a sort of “watch list” for suspicious gun sales and gun buyers. We matched serial numbers within the ATF documents to gun serial numbers contained within the federal court documents.
Most of the recovered weapons connected to the Fast and Furious case included Romarm/Cugir GP-WASR 10/63 UF Rifles and Romarm Cugir Draco pistols. Agents also recovered at least one FN Herstal pistol.
We found evidence that multiple buyers purchased the weapons seized in the bust and some buyers purchased multiple weapons during one sale.

Read more: http://www.abc15.com/dpp/news/local_news/investigations/43-weapons-in-phoenix-traffic-stop-linked-to-atf-strategy#ixzz21UfQqppM

ORANGE County Police (KILL Man start Riot) SHOOT him down like DOG

ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — Demonstrators stormed a police department in Orange County, Calif., on Sunday to protest an officer-involved shooting that left an unarmed man dead and led to a violent clash between witnesses and police.

A crowd swarmed the Anaheim Police headquarters' lobby as Chief John Welter held a news conference to discuss what happened the night before. The protesters chanted "no justice, no peace" and "cops, pigs, murderers" as officers stood by and watched.
Welter said two officers were placed on paid leave after one of them fatally shot 24-year-old Manuel Diaz.

He said the officers approached three men in an alleyway when they ran away. One of the officers chased Diaz to the front of an apartment complex where the shooting occurred.
Welter would not say what led the officer to shoot Diaz, citing an independent investigation by the county's district attorney office. Police said Diaz was a known gang member.
Crystal Ventura, a 17-year-old who witnessed the shooting, told the Register that the man had his back to the officer. Ventura said the man was shot in the buttocks area. The man then went down on his knees, she said, adding that he was struck by another bullet in the head. Ventura said another officer handcuffed the man, who by then was on the ground and not moving.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

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MEXICO-Runner up alleged (PRESIDENT used laundered MONEY)

The runner-up in Mexico's presidential election, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has alleged that winner Enrique Pena Nieto's campaign used laundered money.

He said he had evidence that Mr Pena Nieto's Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) had used illicit money.

The PRI rejected the accusations as "flagrant defamation" by Mr Lopez Obrador, who is legally challenging the result of the 1 July poll.

The electoral tribunal has until September to rule on the election.

Mr Lopez Obrador, from the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), had previously accused Mr Pena Nieto of vote-buying and exceeding limits on campaign spending - charges the PRI rejected as baseless.

On Wednesday, Mr Lopez Obrador detailed specific money laundering allegations, telling a news conference that he had evidence that his opponent's campaign had used illicit funds.

He alleged that money was channelled via front companies to buy pre-paid debit cards that were given to people to encourage them to vote for Mr Pena Nieto.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Break from the crime (Stevie Nicks) Shes Hot

Friday, July 20, 2012


A lone gunman dressed in riot gear burst into a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., at a midnight showing of the Batman film "The Dark Knight Rises" and methodically began shooting patrons, killing at least 12 people and injuring at least 50.

The suspect, James Holmes, 24, of Aurora, was caught by police in the parking lot of the Century 16 Movie Theaters, nine miles outside Denver, after police began receiving dozens of 911 calls at 12:39 a.m. MT. Police said the man appeared to have acted alone.
Witnesses in the movie theater said Holmes crashed into the auditorium through an emergency exit about 30 minutes into the film, set off a smoke bomb, and began shooting. Holmes stalked the aisles of the theater, shooting people at random, as panicked movie-watchers in the packed auditorium tried to escape, witnesses said.
"You just smelled smoke and you just kept hearing it, you just heard bam bam bam, non-stop. The gunman never had to reload. Shots just kept going, kept going, kept going," one witness told ABC News.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

CHILD Abduction SUSPECT (ARRESTED) Turns Himself in

(CNN) -- Philadelphia police arrested Carlos Figueroa-Fagot after he turned himself in to authorities who believe he is the man who tried to snatch a 10-year-old girl in Philadelphia, authorities said Thursday
The 33-year-old suspect gave himself up Wednesday evening after police released surveillance video showing the attack.
"This case demonstrates the power of getting information out," Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter told reporters.
Figueroa-Fagot was charged with a series of felony and misdemeanor charges, including attempted kidnapping, unlawful restraint, indecent assault and other counts.
Carlos Figueroa-Fagot.
Carlos Figueroa-Fagot.
Authorities say the suspect has a prior criminal record in Puerto Rico that stems from between 2000 and 2006.
Last year, he also faced allegations of sexual assault from a family member in Philadelphia, police said. That case, however, was withdrawn without prosecution earlier this month.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

CHILD Abductor (CAUGHT on VIDEO) DO You Know HIM ? Philadelphia


Monday, July 16, 2012

U.S NAVY Ship (Fired on BOAT) Persian Gulf TODAY

An American Navy ship fired on a boat in the Persian Gulf today, killing one person and injuring three others aboard the craft, a U.S. naval official told ABC News.

A spokesperson for the Navy's 5th Fleet, which is based in nearby Bahrain, said that a security team aboard the oil supply ship U.S.N.S. Rappahannock fired a .50 caliber machine gun at a "small motor vessel after it disregarded warnings and rapidly approached the U.S. ship" off the coast of Jebel Ali, a city approximately 30 miles from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.
The Navy is investigating the incident as details continue to emerge. A Navy official said the offending vessel was a white pleasure craft, but a UAE official told ABC News the it was a fishing boat with four Indians and two Emirates on board. There doesn't appear to be any indication the incident was terror-related, the UAE official said.
The Navy official said it's not uncommon for Iranian speed craft to harass U.S. ships in the region, but in this case the boat wasn't Iranian.
"I can't emphasize enough that this has nothing to do with Iran," the official said.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

CAIRO (Protesters) Throw Tomatoes at HILLARY CLINTON

CAIRO (Reuters) - Protesters threw tomatoes and shoes at U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's motorcade on Sunday during her first visit to Egypt since the election of Islamist President Mohamed Mursi.

A tomato struck an Egyptian official in the face, and shoes and a water bottle landed near the armoured cars carrying Clinton's delegation in the port city of Alexandria.
A senior state department official said that neither Clinton nor her vehicle, which were around the corner from the incident, were struck by any of the projectiles.

Protesters chanted: "Monica, Monica", a reference to Former President Bill Clinton's extra-marital affair. Some chanted: "leave, Clinton", Egyptian security officials said.
It was not clear who the protesters were or what political affiliations they had. Protesters outside Clinton's hotel on Saturday night chanted anti-Islamist slogans, accusing the United States of backing the Muslim Brotherhood's rise to power.

MISSING Girls (AMBER ALERT) IOWA GIRLS 10 and 8 yrs old

Police and hundreds of volunteers are dragging a lake and fanning out across the Evansdale, Iowa, area, searching for two Iowa girls who haven't been seen for two days.
Elizabeth Collins, 8, and her cousin, Lyric Cook, 10, were last seen around midday Friday, riding their bicycles in downtown Evansdale, Iowa.
Police say they found the girls' bicycles and a bag they were carrying on a trail near Meyers Lake. Crews used boats to search the lake and volunteers looked in the woods Saturday and were back today, but haven't found what happened to the girls.
"We will keep searching until we are confident that they are not in that lake," Captain Rick Abben, a chief deputy with the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office, told ABC News affiliate KCRG.
No Amber alert was issued in the case, because it does not meet the requirements, Abben said.
"Because we have no person that was seen and we have no vehicle that was described, so we can't issue an Amber alert by their guidelines," Abben said.
The girls' grandmother, Wylma Cook, says she fears they were abducted.
"Whoever has them, just turn them in, let them loose anywhere so they can call me," Cook said. "Lyric knows my cell phone, she knows my house phone.
"I thought with the helicopters and my other son and a friend going on four-wheelers until four o'clock in the morning they would see all these lights and stuff or something," Cook told KCRG. "When I woke up this morning, I just bawled my eyes out."
An anonymous person has offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to the girls' whereabouts, police said.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Break From the Crime ( The Beatles) Come Together

BILL COSBY (Canceled Sept 2 appearance) CHUKCHANSI Casino for (HUMAN Rights ) Violations by TRIBE

Bill Cosby has canceled his Sept. 2 appearance at the Chukchansi Gold
Resort & Casino because of a dispute between the casino and an outside
group over the tribe's efforts to get rid of some members.

That group wrote a letter to Cosby to explain how it is upset with the
Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians, owners of the Coarsegold
casino, for removing people from its membership rolls.
2007 article

"The letter was written to stop these performers from coming and supporting
the tribes for doing what they are doing to the people," says Laura Wass, a
Fresno-based American Indian activist who is a member of the group that
sent the letter.

Wass says Cosby was not singled out for any particular reason. He is just
the first of several performers scheduled to appear at Chukchansi who have
been sent letters regarding the dispute.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WOMAN (Attacked by KILLER Raccoons) SAVED by her DOG see photo

A Washington state woman suffered 16 puncture wounds and over 100 lacerations after being attacked by a pack of raccoons.
Twenty-eight-year-old Michaela Lee was jogging on a trail near her Lakewood home when her dog spotted two raccoons and chased them up a tree.

"I went over to pick up the leash and head home when three other raccoons just charged out of the grass straight for me. I decided to run, but they were chasing me and clawing at the back of my legs," Lee said.
She had just gotten to her neighbor's yard when she tripped over them. As soon as she fell, the raccoons began to viciously attack, biting her arms and legs as she lay trapped under them. Seconds later, Lee's dog ran up and began biting and growling at them, scaring several of them off and giving Lee enough time to get on her feet

The ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of ( Rebecca Zahau's DEATH)

Rebecca Zahau, 32, was discovered hanging on July 13, 2011, at the historic Spreckels Mansion in Coronado, California. The estate was owned by her live-in boyfriend Medicis Pharmaceutical CEO Jonah Shacknai. The Spreckels Mansion was built by a famous Spreckel’s family in 1908. The mansion is located near the Hotel del Coronado. The house is still empty today!!!!!!
I Hope you haunt that house Rebecca until you get justice. Rebecca died on my birthday 7-13th

Zahau's death occurred two days after Shacknai's 6-year-old son Max took a life threatening fall from a staircase banister in the same mansion while under the care of Rebecca Zahau.[3] San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore announced on September 2, 2011 that Zahau's death was a suicide while the younger Shacknai's was an accident, and that neither was the result of foul play.[4]