Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mexican Cops Busted for Extorting Cash from Migrants

MEXICO CITY – Two officers of Mexico’s Federal Police are in custody on charges they sought to use their position to extort money from undocumented immigrants, the Attorney General’s Office said Wednesday.

The cops and two civilian accomplices – one of them using a stolen Federal Police credential – were caught in the act by municipal police in Mexico City, the AG Office said in a statement.

When surprised by the municipal officers, the suspects claimed that an investigation of migrant traffickers had led them to a residence being used as a safe house for migrants.

In reality, according to the AG Office, the suspects burst into the residence and tied up the migrants before demanding money in exchange for not turning them over to immigration authorities.

One of the migrants managed to tip off the municipal police, who arrested the two federal agents and their accomplices.

The detainees were turned over to the Mexico City district attorney’s office, which is also in the process of aiding the victims to regularize their migration status, the AG Office said.

Media accounts said the victims were a dozen women who worked as dancers at a nightclub in the capital’s upscale Condesa neighborhood and were living in the nearby area of Napoles.

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