Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Iran's Khamenei Says no Room for Any Compromise or Negligence with U.S (Ok to take U.S money)?

TEHRAN - The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, said there is no room for "any compromise or negligence" in keeping a distance from the United States.

"Keeping a distance from the head of the arrogant movement, i.e. the US, is one of the most important definitive principles of the great founder of the Islamic Republic (the late Imam Khomeini) and there is no room for any compromise or negligence in this regard," Khamenei said Tuesday night in a meeting with Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi and other senior military personnel, according to local media outlets.

The supreme leader, who praised his country's intelligence ministry, described it as a "very important and crucial bastion" and "the wakeful and observant eye of the Islamic establishment".

"The Intelligence Ministry is the hard shell of the Islamic establishment and should never become vulnerable," Khamenei added.

"The defensive force that has sustained the country throughout all these years has been the power of faith and if this strong and efficient weapon is undermined, it will lead to many plights," the Supreme Leader said.

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