Saturday, October 15, 2016

Peruvian Government Burns 7.7 Tons of Seized Drugs

LIMA – Peruvian authorities on Tuesday burned 7.7 tons of drugs seized in recent months in the first such operation since President Pedro Pablo Kuczinski took office on July 28.

Interior Minister Carlos Basombrio oversaw the drugs’ incineration at the National Police Special Forces base in Lima’s Ate district.
“This first ceremony is a symbol of the successes in the war on drugs,” Basombrio said, adding that the incineration was carried out “with a system providing all safety guarantees.”
“This is the first incineration of drugs under this administration,” the interior minister said. “It is part of the very difficult fight against drug trafficking.”
“We know well the destructive power, the corrosive power, the damage that drug trafficking causes to society. Our country produces the raw materials for drugs and increasingly produces the drugs themselves,” Basombrio said.
“It is a titanic effort required day after day to try and corner this scourge that moves huge fortunes around the world,” Basombrio said.
The drugs burned were seized by the National Police in raids across Peru and included cocaine, marijuana, opium latex and opium poppies.
The illegal drugs were seized between July and October “after the last incineration, in June of this year,” the Interior Ministry said.
The ceremony was also attended by Deputy Interior Minister Ruben Vargas; National Police chief Vicente Romero; and representatives of the courts, prosecutor’s office and other agencies involved in the war on drugs

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