Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Japan’s Empress Michiko Diagnosed with Acute Bronchitis

TOKYO – Japanese Empress Michiko, 82, canceled her schedule for last weekend after she was diagnosed with acute bronchitis on Friday, a spokesman for the Imperial House said on Monday.

Emperor Akihito’s wife was expected to attend a national karate championship in Tokyo on Sunday, but instead took repose at her residence at the Imperial Palace.

After a cough and fever, Empress Michiko was diagnosed with acute bronchitis on Friday, but she does not need to be hospitalized, according to the Japanese Imperial Household.

Despite a cardiac test last year and the cancellation of some events in 2010 after suffering what was suspected to be an asthma attack, the empress seems to be in good health.

However, the health of her 82-year-old husband Emperor Akihito has been more fragile since a heart bypass operation in 2012.

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