Sunday, January 22, 2017

Two Suspect Terrorists Commit Suicide after Shootout in Saudi Arabia

RIYADH – Two suspect terrorists committed suicide during a shootout with security forces in the western Saudi city of Jeddah, authorities said on Saturday.

Authorities of Makkah region confirmed in a note on their official Twitter account that the two suspected terrorists committed suicide after a shootout during a security operation carried out on Saturday morning.

The note did not identify or specify the affiliation of the two suspects.

According to Saudi daily Sabq, Saudi security forces surrounded the site, where the two alleged terrorists were, and asked them to surrender to the authorities.

The suspects opened fire at the security forces, who responded.

However, the two suspects committed suicide by detonating explosive vests they were wearing after a failed attempt to flee.

Saudi Arabia’s Al Arabiya TV channel said the explosion took place in eastern Jeddah after a series of shots were heard.

The channel showed images of the destroyed building after the explosion.

So far, the Saudi interior ministry has not issued any statement confirming the information.

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