Thursday, March 19, 2015

Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Deadly Tunisia Attack

BEIRUT – The Islamic State, or IS, claimed responsibility on Thursday for the deadly attack on Tunisia’s national Bardo museum that killed 23 people, including 18 tourists of various nationalities.

The jihadist group made the announcement in an audio recording that was broadcasted on the Internet, and the authenticity of which has not yet been verified, that two IS members perpetrated the attack, identified as Abu Zakaria al-Tunisi and Abu Annas al-Tunisi.

Earlier in the day, Tunisian authorities said that they had identified the assailants of the Bardo Museum terrorist attack, but that any affiliation to jihadist groups had not been confirmed.

The Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid told French radio station RTL that the terrorists responsible for the attack, who were subsequently killed by the Tunisian security forces, were Saber Khachnaoui and Yassin Labidi.

Essid explained that Labidi was already being monitored and investigated by the Tunisian intelligence services, but the measures did not reveal anything noteworthy about him.

“We are in the process of further investigation. We cannot say which organization they belong to,” Essid added. 

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