Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bodies of 10 Illegal Immigrants Recovered Off Coast of Sicily

ROME – The Italian Coast Guard recovered the remains of 10 illegal immigrants from the Strait of Sicily after rescuing 121 people who were shipwrecked while traveling on a boat headed for the Italian coast.

The rescue team announced on Wednesday in a press release that the accident took place Tuesday afternoon when the Operations Center received an alert from an oil rig off the coast of Libya noting of a nearby shipwreck.

Italian ship Dattilo, which was carrying 318 other immigrants who had already been rescued, arrived at the scene to help take care of the remaining survivors and to recover the bodies.

The ship remained in the area to keep watch for more possible survivors.

The Italian Coast Guard launched on Tuesday a total of seven rescue operations at sea, saving a total of 941 immigrants trying to reach Italian soil.

The survivors are mostly Syrian, Palestinian, Tunisian and Libyan nationals, or from sub-Saharan Africa.

Among them are more than 30 children and 50 women, one who was with child and was rushed to the hospital on the Italian island of Lampedusa.

The rest of the survivors were transferred to Sicily’s ports.

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