Tuesday, March 3, 2015

NCRI's revelation of new nuclear site a major blow to Iranian regime’s efforts in acquiring nuclear bomb

Interview with Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chairman of NCRI’s Foreign Affairs Committee
Q: The Iranian Resistance has had many revelations about the Iranian regime's nuclear activities. What is the significance of the recent revelation of the Iranian Resistance about the top secret site of Lavisan-3?
Mohammad Mohaddessin: The revelation of the Lavisan-3 site, as is evident from the reactions of the regime, was a huge blow to the Iranian regime's efforts to obtain the nuclear bomb. This site was kept secret for more than a decade and they were working on excessive enrichment experiments, with advanced centrifuges.
The project on the one hand showed the level of secrecy and deception of the regime and on the other hand, its disclosure was a turning point in exposing the deception and secrecy. The parallel project to enrich uranium not only violates the Non-Proliferation Treaty and UN Security Council resolutions, but it was also is in full and continuous violation of the Geneva Agreement of December 2013 and the joint action plan that the regime signed with the P5+1 countries.
The Iranian Resistance, however, informed the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna about the Lavisan-3 project, like other revelations that had been made in the past, with all its details, and we had called for an immediate inspection of this site of the regime.
At the press conference in Washington DC by the National Council of Resistance of Iran Representative Office, the Iranian Resistance emphasized that the IAEA and the P5+1 countries, especially the US government, must act immediately to inspect the site.
Once again, I am warning that no opportunity should be provided to the Iranian regime to clean up its criminal footprint to clean up the traces of its illegal nuclear activities in Lavisan-3, like it had done in the case of Lavizan Shian.
Lavizan Shian was revealed in March 2003 by the Iranian Resistance and the IAEA went to inspect the site in June 2004, i.e. 14 to 15 months later, and the regime had destroyed all its facilities. It had changed the soil. It had replaced 4 meters of soil to eliminate any traces, but traces were still found.
It should also be noted that this revelation is very important for another reason too. The western countries in the midst of negotiation with the regime, while seeking a kind of compromise and coming to terms with the regime, are reluctant to face these things.
That is why the Iranian Resistance doubly and urgently saw this as a nationalistic and patriotic necessity and a necessity for the peace and security of the region and the world and for the Iranian nation, to reveal this secret project as soon as possible.
Rouhani, the clerical regime’s President, who some thought was a moderate, ten days before the revelation of Lavisan-3, officially said in his speech that nobody should think that we are now negotiating and that means we have abandoned our projects or we are not continuing our scientific advances in nuclear field.
But he did not think that the Iranian Resistance and the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and NCRI’s Strategic Studies and Security committees, relying on the extensive popular network of this resistance and their constant work, would expose his deceptions as such.
Q: In your view, what is the cause of a flurry of reactions of the regime that we are witnessing?

Mohammad Mohaddessin: As soon as Hassan Rouhani [the regime's president] found out that the PMOI was planning to have a new revelation on a parallel project, panicked and said the day before the conference in a public speech that when they say in the nuclear issues we have secrecy, this is a big lie. Rouhani forgot that 10 days earlier, he had said himself that we were continuing these projects.
When the NCRI representative office in the U.S. revealed Lavisan-3, rather than responding to this rational and logical question, the regime resorted to lies and deception.
The regime’s representative to the United Nations as well as Vice Chair of Security and Foreign Policy Commission at the regime’s Parliament, the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), they all came on and tried to skirt the issue with profanity and downplaying this revelation. What's interesting is that these statements by the regime officials and state media showed that revelations of the Iranian Resistance have hit the mark. The PMOI, as always, like in the case of Natanz and Arak sites, like Lavizan Shian site, like Lavizan-2, like the Mojdeh site, like Kala Electric,like the regime’s nuclear site in Qom known as the Fordow site, have hit the mark and have created a big crisis for the regime.

When the regime saw that these profanities were no longer effective, it resorted to other lies such as claiming that some information about the latest revelations by the PMOI has been obtained from a company's website. The NCRI’s representative office in U.S. published a response to these banal statements which includes more revelation.
The NCRI Representative office, based on the information from the Security and Strategic Studies committees of the NCRI and the PMOI, made a new revelation that the company known as GMP was indeed a state company that essentially was involved in all these nuclear projects of the regime in past years.
Q: Mr Mohaddessin, isn’t the reaction of the regime due to the fact that the regime's deception in the negotiations has been revealed?
Mohammad Mohaddessin: You mentioned a very important point. Let me go back to Rouhani’s statements in his book titled “National Security and Nuclear Diplomacy”. He said in his book that everything was going well regarding the nuclear activities but in August 2002, with the PMOI’s revelation, everything was messed up, and he presented statistics and figures there that is for 2002 which demonstrates that if it was not for the PMOI’s revelation, and if the PMOI did not reveal the Natanz and Arak sites, the regime would have reached bomb making capacity years ago and it was PMOI's revelation that created that crisis
Now, it is again facing the same crisis and the same problem. Because the Iranian Resistance has revealed a secret and parallel enrichment project, that technically puts the regime in a difficult situation, and from a political and international aspect ties the hands of those who wanted to give unwarranted concessions to the regime.

A note: This is a translation of excerpts of an interview with Simay-e Azadi which was in Persian.

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