Friday, September 2, 2016

Argentine President Gets Extra Protection amid Threats

BUENOS AIRES – The Argentine government announced Tuesday the expansion of protection for President Mauricio Macri and other senior officials in response to an increase in threats.

The head of state and other members of the executive branch will receive round-the-clock protection when necessary, according to the resolution signed by Security Minister Patricia Bullrich.

Decisions about security needs will be based on “objective criteria,” such as the nature of the official’s position and the perception of “real threats.”

Macri, Vice President Gabriela Michetti and Buenos Aires provincial Gov. Maria Eugenia Vidal have been the target of anonymous threats in recent weeks.

On Aug. 12, protesters threw stones at Macri’s motorcade as the president was leaving the resort city of Mar del Plata following a public event.

The new regulation established three descending levels of protection.

Level one applies to the president, vice president and their families, while the Cabinet chief, security minister and security secretary are in the second tier.

The third tier comprises former presidents along with select Cabinet ministers and officials thought to be at risk.

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