Thursday, September 15, 2016

Two Lawyer's killed in Shooting at Prosecutor’s Office in Mexico

GUADALAJARA, Mexico – Two people were killed and three others wounded in this western Mexican metropolis on Wednesday as the result of a shooting inside the Jacinto state Attorney General’s Office, AG Eduardo Almaguer said.

The fatalities include the shooter, 56-year-old Luis Homero Aguila, a lawyer in private practice who came to the building on business, the attorney general told a press conference.

When he was unable to find the person he came to see, Aguila returned to the reception area and began shooting, Almaguer said.

Aguila, a regular visitor to the office, was able to enter the building with two handguns due to guards’ failure to carry out a routine security check, the attorney general said.

The lawyer killed social worker Maria Veronica Garcia Carmona, 58, and wounded two other women as well as an AG Office investigator.

Hearing the shots, several armed agents rushed to the reception area and fatally shot Aguila.

Though the assailant claimed to be an army veteran and was known as “General Aguila,” Mexican defense officials said they could find no record he had ever served in the military.

Aguila had “behavioral problems,” but authorities are still trying to determine whether he suffered from any mental illness, the attorney general said.

Almaguer denied media reports that Aguila had made death threats against AG Office employees on more than one occasion.

The two women wounded in the shooting are in “very serious condition,” according to Marcelo Castillero, the Jacinto delegate of the IMSS health service

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