Monday, December 17, 2012

ASU Missing Student ( Body found in Salt River-with one red shoe on ) Jack Culolias

Missing ASU student Jack Culolias was last seen leaving Cadillac Ranch in Tempe, Arizona on November 30; a search for him around the area turned up a single shoe, which was later proven by DNA tests to be his. Now, a body found in the Salt River is believed to be that of Culolias, and investigators are trying to determine whether foul play was involved.

Culolias was a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at ASU and had attended a party sponsored by the frat at Cadillac Ranch the night he disappeared. However, he was kicked out after it was discovered he had a fake I.D. (Culolias was 19), and the last his friends knew, he was walking away from the bar towards a taxi. Interestingly, the body was found not far from where the shoe was originally found, which is proving to be confusing for officials.
After an initial exhaustive search for the college student, his stepmother expressed concern that someone from his fraternity knew what had happened and were too scared to come forward.
“I think someone knows something and they’re just not talking,” Renae Culolias said.
For now, the coroner is working to positively identify the body, which was found with one red shoe but was not immediately recognizable because of extended exposure to the water. Investigators are now trying to determine whether Culolias was served alcohol in the bar before he was kicked out; if so, the bar owners could face criminal charges.

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