Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Drone carrying 6 pounds of meth, falls in Tijuana

 Unmanned aircraft, (Drone) falls in Zona Rio

For the last year or so, drones, unmanned aircraft, have crept into our lives.  Drones are routinely spotted on beaches, over sporting events and suburban neighborhoods. At a party or gala event, it is not unusual to glance up and see the somewhat eerie sight of a remote device, recording all the unaware people below.

Though in the midst of a legal battle at the Federal level,  many unmanned aircraft related businesses have emerged locally, as well as nationally.  In real estate, journalism, marketing and other fields, drones are being used commercially.  For recreation, those who can afford one, use it as a hobby, navigating the beaches and scenic areas of the city, captu
ring images and uploading to social media sites.

Yesterday, in Zona Rio, Tijuana, the eyes fell from the sky, carrying 6 pounds of methamphetamine, assumedly headed across the San Ysidro border.  The drone was a 'Spreading Wings S900', with 6 propellers and lithium batteries.  This drone model retails for about $1500.  It may become more common to see these type of smuggling attempts take place, as smaller traffickers seek cost efficient, reliable ways to cross product. 

At maybe 2,000 a pound, the crystal will wholesale for maybe 2800-3000 a pound once on the US side.  At 3k a pound times six, thats a roughly 6k profit, minus the 1500 or so for the drone.  It may  become an accepted way to bypass the line, with it's many hassles, variables and watchful eyes.  

Authorities believe the drone crashed because of the weight of the crystal packages, it may take trial and error, but with the cheap price of methamphetamine and relative cheap cost of drones, it will easily be done.

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