Sunday, January 25, 2015

Two Wounded in Shooting Inside Colombia’s Police HQ ( Lovers )

BOGOTA – At least two people were wounded Wednesday in a shooting inside the Bogota headquarters of Colombia’s National Police, the force said, describing the attack as a crime of passion.

The shooter, a male police officer, fired at a female officer who had been his girlfriend.

A third officer who tried to stop the assailant was also wounded.

“The first enquiries detected a romantic issue and it is under investigation by police units,” the force said in a statement.

The attacker was part of the headquarters security detail, whose members are the only people allowed to enter the building armed, police sources told Efe.

While some media outlets said the assailant shot himself after wounding the other officers, police did not confirm those accounts.

The wounded were rushed to police hospital, just down the street from the headquarters building, according to the statement, which offered no information on the victims’ condition.

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