Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Woman Arrested in Colombia for Committing 300 Thefts Using Her Beauty

BOGOTA – Colombian authorities have captured Andrea Johanna Torres, alias Yayita, 28, who is said to have committed some 300 thefts by using her physical attributes to distract security guards at homes in Bogota, the Colombian police have reported.

Torres was being sought by the police for six months after they discovered that the stunning seductress was the leader of a group of thieves who in the past 11 years had stolen jewels, electronic gadgets and other valuable goods from homes.

Bogota Police Chief Humberto Guatibonza told reporters Tuesday that she was arrested in Bogota as she was preparing to leave for Germany using false documents.

Police detectives intensified their search for her in July, on the very day that Yayita and her accomplices robbed three houses in an upscale residential area. Yayita distracted the guards, allowing her gang to enter the building.

On that day, the gang stole around 80 million pesos (about $34,000) within 20 minutes, according to victims of the theft.

On social networking sites, Torres made a great show of wealth, inviting people to parties and publishing photographs.

She now faces charges of theft and criminal conspiracy and is currently in a women’s prison where she had earlier served a sentence for similar crimes.

During her first stint in prison, Torres won a beauty contest, according to the authorities.

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