Monday, January 26, 2015

Vietnam Arrests Two Peruvians for Robbing Foreign Tourists

BANGKOK – Vietnamese police have arrested two Peruvians who allegedly robbed foreigners in hotels in Hanoi to fund their trips around the world, the Vietnamese press reported Friday.

William Rafael A.V., 43, and Jose Marcelino V.A., 63, were arrested after a Canadian tourist reported being robbed of several electronic gadgets, money and credit cards.

Police Lt. Col. Ngo Van Dap said that the pair had confessed to several thefts in different hotels frequented by foreigners, and that authorities were searching for more victims, according to the Tuoitre News portal.

According to the Peruvians, their modus operandi was to stay at two different hotels and use telephones to coordinate their crimes, the proceeds of which were used to finance further travel. 

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