Saturday, January 17, 2015

Iranian cleric 'rejoices' in Charlie Hebdo massacre

A senior Iranian cleric has expressed his pleasure at the terrorist attacks that left 17 dead in Paris last week and branded the participants in mass rally as 'murderers'.
Muhammad Ali Movahedi Kermani said during Friday prayers in Tehran: "Thank God, those who supported ISIS and terrorism and nurtured them, now the very same terrorists have acted against them.
"Let the murders show their ugly face as the criminals and reveal their animosity against Islam so that the Islamic world be awakened."
Kermani also condemned the mass march by millions of French in defense of freedom of expression, adding: "It is surprising that these criminals have held a rally and condemned terrorism, those who themselves are not only the real terrorists, but also nurture terrorists."
Another senior cleric leading the Friday sermon in Iran's second biggest city of Mashhad also claimed that the Charlie Hebdo attack was committed by the French Government itself.
Cleric Ahmad Alamalhod said: "The attack against the office of the magazine was carried out precisely according to the scenario that France had planned, and the killings were done to create a new wave of Islamophobia. This was a scenario of French-Zionism scenario. The nurturers of terrorism on the earth have done this to create a great wave of Islamophobia."
It was carried out as a pretext for the French to send its Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier to the Middle East, Alamalhod said.

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