Thursday, January 8, 2015

Saudi Boys face 5 years in prison - For running over Dog 10 times

Two young Saudi boys were convicted for brutally torturing and killing a dog. They face up to five years behind bars or a fine of SR500,000.

Jabir Al-Shehri of the Ministry of Agriculture said on Saturday that the punishment is in line with the Saudi law and also with the unified code of merciful treatment of animals adopted by all Gulf states.
The two young boys were captured on film running over the dog more than 10 times until it died a painful death. The clip, which went viral on social media networks, was made by one of the boys with his mobile phone while the other drove the vehicle.
The clip drew widespread outrage and shock. “This animal is a God’s creation and its torture is a violation of the Islamic teachings,” said one of the participants in a social media group. “Islam recommends merciful treatment of animals.”
Al-Shehri said the vehicle’s number plate, which was clearly visible in the clip, was an important lead that helped security forces to arrest the culprits.

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