Saturday, January 17, 2015

Note from blogger - Regarding comment from Iran cleric ?

A senior Iranian cleric has expressed his pleasure at the terrorist attacks that left 17 dead in Paris last week and branded the participants in mass rally as 'murderers'.
blogger  ' Editor ' Joe


WHAT?   Murder is Murder , and if you get pleasure from what took place in France ( your wrong ).
I think making fun of someone's ( faith ) is wrong ,but not grounds for killing someone. In America we have freedom of speech and ( sometimes it works ) in theory. 

      Iranian cleric 'rejoices' in Charlie Hebdo massacre

This is scary to say the least ,and they want to build a nuclear bomb ? I think my first thought is the         (Iranian Government ) get's mad because someone insults Islam and they want to drop a nuclear bomb on someone ?

            The Iranian Women and children and people 

I feel bad for them , no human right's , home invasions and computers taken and people placed in Evin prison without a charge ? They have no court hearings , no arraignment to inform them of charges ? The people just vanish for weeks and show up in some prison . 

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