Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Iran " braveheart punishment " through the neighborhood

Iranian State Security Forces paraded at least four men through the streets of two cities this week after they were accused of the offence of 'mischief'.
One man was paraded through the city of Ilam, western Iran, just moments after he was arrested and without having being either charged or sentenced.
Ilam province police chief Ali Dolati said: "The hiding place of the man who had on the run for a long time was discovered in a surprise operation."
Dolati, who was quoted by state media, did not reveal the arrested man's identity but confirmed he was paraded in the city after his arrest as a 'lesson to others'.
Three men were also paraded through a district of the southern city of Shiraz on Tuesday.
Degrading punishments such as being paraded through he streets and public floggings are systematically used by the police in Iran to create a climate of fear among the public.
The punishments are carried out without any legal process, often on youths who are paraded through their own neighborhoods with their hands tied.
The victims are also often humiliated by being forced to wear watering cans used for lavatory ablutions around their necks.
A video obtained in November shows the regime’s masked State Security Forces publicly beating and abusing a group of young men while parading them through the streets, handcuffed in the back of an open truck.
Iran has seen a surge in executions, humiliating punishments and human rights violations aimed at spreading fear and intimidation among the public, particularly to the youth and women, since the election of President Hassan Rouhani in July 2013.

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